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Trekking in the Alps "Trekking around Monte-Rose + Matterhorn"

Trekking to the Alps along one of the most picturesque routes in Europe, which runs around the Monte Rosa mountain range and near the Matterhorn mountain. You will find a unique mountainous region of the Alps, where more than 40 peaks are concentrated above 4000 meters in Switzerland and Italy.

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12–21 September 2019 Have places
€329 €280
Discounted Places 15% only: 3
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21–30 September 2019 Have places
€329 €280
Discounted Places 15% only: 2
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Ol'ga Koval'ova
This is my 4th campaign in the "Route-club". In my travel experience - You are the best! Colorful and vibrant routes, experienced instructors, high quality and tasty food. Following the hike with You again. Food - delicious, high quality, elegant. Spaghetti with tuna and Parmesan cheese for Breakfast - super!...
Zlobіna Іrina
A wonderful route, but physical preparation is obligatory for him. Its disadvantage experienced: was quite slow. In General, everything, if you adhere to the instructions of the leaders of the group! Landscapes fascinate!!! Just imagine: handsome Matterhorn, fabulous Zermatt, the longest suspension bridge in...
Tat'yana Kukoyashnaya
The route is challenging, but insanely beautiful, every day was exciting. This campaign really need to prepare physically :) All very thoughtful, individual snacks in case most trouble helped along the way :) Such delicious coffee and cheese before going I did not eat! Sasha has always everything under c...
3 pcs
Ekaterina Borodina
Magic nature - every day the picture changes dramatically, what was pleasantly surprising and was never bored. Was with what to compare, and in my opinion, this track is much more colorful than around Mont Blanc. Heat and summer, then the snow and you slip from the hill, then fall colors that just downloade...
4 pcs
Vladislav Blohin
High physical load for the first hike, but worth it ) The food was enough for everybody ) Funny, there's always a plan B. High physical load for the first hike, but worth it )...