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More of twelve years travel club «Marshrut» is organizing hiking in the mountains. During this time, the geography of our hiking has grown and now we go to the mountain hiking in  Crimea, Carpathians, Caucasus and exotic — Turkey, Nepal, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Romania.

Most of our hikes oriented at beginners and does not require special training. So do not doubt your abilities, the main thing — it is a desire, and an experienced instructor and traveling companions to help you overcome all the hardships and privations of camp life.

If you are interested in the tea ceremony in the mountains, or you want to learn how to pitch a tent, to explore their potential and coverage area of mobile communications, and at the same time to reboot your brain and to go above the clouds, then you definitely need to go with us in the campaign. Believe me, we know a lot about outdoor activities, and we will help you improve morale, improve your fitness and great rest!