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Georgia, Svanetia - the country of proud svans

Svaneti is a mountainous region in Georgia, which adjoins the main Caucasian ridge. Svaneti divides the Svan mountain range into Upper Svaneti and Lower Svaneti, which severely restricts access to Upper Svaneti, making this area one of the least visited in Georgia for a long time.


Iceland, Vik

The southernmost settlement of Iceland, which has colorful black beaches of volcanic origin.


Iceland, Gulfoss Waterfall

Picturesque waterfall in Iceland on the river Hvitau.


Iceland, Skogafoss waterfall

One of the most picturesque waterfalls in the south of Iceland.


Iceland, Eyjafyalaykul volcano

The volcano in Iceland, the eruption of which in spring 2010 for a while paralyzed the air traffic over Northern Europe.


Iceland, Geukheralur Geothermal Zone

There is a large number of geysers on the territory of Hyukadalur, the most famous of which is called Geisir (Big Geyser).


Iceland, Landmannalaugar

A unique area on the Icelandic Upland, where volcanic eruptions formed extraordinary colored mountains.


Iceland, The Glacier Lagoon Yokulsarlon

Located in the south-east of Iceland is the lagoon, where the "tongue" of Europe's largest glacier (Vatnaj?kull) slowly slides into the water.


Iceland, Tingvellir National Park

Here Iceland's first parliament met.


Iceland, Torm?rk National Park

This is another popular place in Iceland, which attracts tourists from all over the world.


Carpathians, Mount Goverla

The highest point of Ukraine.


Carpathian Mountains, Gorgan Mountains

The most inaccessible area of the Ukrainian Carpathians.


Carpathians, Maniavsky monastery

Manyavsky monastery, according to legend, was founded by monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, who fled from Khan Baty in 1240.


Carpathians, Observatory on the mountain Pop Ivan

At the moment, the observatory on Mount Pop Ivan is the tallest building in Ukraine.


Carpathians, Lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr is the pearl of the national natural park of the same name, located in the Gorgany mountain massif in the Carpathians.


Carpathian Mountains, Limnica River (Lomnica)

The cleanest river in Europe.


Carpathians, Montenegrin Range

The highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians.


Crimea, Ai-Petri

The most popular mountain of Crimea.


Crimea, Grand Canyon of Crimea

The largest canyon of Crimea and Ukraine.


Crimea, Botanical Reserve New World

One of the most picturesque natural monuments that are in the Crimea.


Crimea, Waterfall Jur-Jur

The largest waterfall in Crimea.


Crimea, Waterfall Dzhurla

Very picturesque waterfall.


Crimea, Waterfall Uchan-Su

The highest waterfall in Crimea and Ukraine.


Crimea, Demerdzhi-yaila

One of the most picturesque places in the Crimea.


Crimea, the Valley of Ghosts

A large cluster of bizarre rocks on the western slope of Demerdzhi Mountain (southern).


Crimea, Stone mushrooms

Stone mushrooms formed by weathering and water erosion.


Crimea, Stone chaos

Pile of boulders on the western slope of the Demerdzhi mountain (southern).


Crimea, Carabi-yaila

Mecca of speleologists.


Crimea, Karadag

Remains of an ancient volcano.


Crimea, Fortress Funa

The fortress was located on a rocky hill at the foot of Demerdzhi Mountain (southern) and was the outpost of the principality Theodoro.


Crimea, Cembalo Fortress

Genoese fortress, which for a long time was one of the outposts of Genoa in the Crimea.


Crimea, The Marble Cave

Marble cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Crimea and Europe.


Crimea, Cape Aya

The western border of the southern coast of Crimea.


Crimea, Cave of Kizil-Koba (Red)

The largest cave in the Crimea.


Crimea, Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave

A cave in which remains of mammoths have been found.


Crimea, Cave City Mangup-Kale

The cave city of Mangup-Kale is the largest in the area of all cave cities in the Crimea.


Crimea, The cave city of Chufut-Kale

Chufut-Kale is located near Bakhchisarai on the plateau of the mountain spur that dominates the three deep valleys.


Crimea, Cave city of Eski-Kermen

Eski-Kermen is the largest "cave city" in the Crimea in terms of the number of carved out in the rocks.


Crimea, Cave Monastery of Chelter-Koba

Medieval cave monastery in the Crimea.


Crimea, Cave Monastery of Chelter-Marmara

Ancient cave monastery in the Crimea.


Crimea, Cave monastery Shuldan

Shuldan cave monastery ("Giving Echo") is located on the mountain of the same name at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, which rises above the valley of Shuli.


Crimea, the Sudak fortress

One of the many Genoese fortresses in the Crimea, which is best preserved all the rest.


Crimea, Suyren fortress

Sentinel outpost of the principality Theodoro.


Crimea, The tract of Taraktash

The mysterious and fairy tale on the slope of the Ai-Petrine yail.


Crimea, Assumption Monastery

The Assumption Monastery is one of the oldest in the Crimea.


Crimea, Chatyrdag

Mountain range, which is located one of the most visited caves of the Crimea.


Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp, Himalayas

Annapurna Base Camp - situated at an altitude of 4130 meters at the foot of Annapurna I (8091 m).


Nepal, Mount Annapurna, Himalayas

The Annapurna mountain range is located in the Himalayas in Nepal and is known for its peak Annapurna I (8091 meters), the tenth highest peak in the World.


Norway, Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park is a natural park of Norway, which is located northwest of Oslo (about 300 km).


Turkey, Ancient city Olympos

The ancient city of Olympos is an ancient city at the mouth of a small river flowing into the Mediterranean Sea in Cirali Bay, Turkey.


Turkey, Cappadocia

Cappadocia — the ancient name of the extensive areas in Turkey, which is translated from the ancient Persian language as a «Country of beautiful horses».


Turkey, Lycian way

The Lycian Way is a hiking trail in Turkey along the Mediterranean coast.


Turkey, Fire-breathing Chimera

Chimera — area in Turkey on a hillside Yanartash where thanks to continuous output to the surface of a large number of natural gas burning lights.


Ukraine, Belgorod-Dniester fortress (Ackerman)

The biggest fortress in Ukraine.


Ukraine, Narcissus Valley

A unique relic corner of the wild nature.


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