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Trekking in the Alps "Trekking around Monte-Rose + Matterhorn"

Trekking to the Alps along one of the most picturesque routes in Europe, which runs around the Monte Rosa mountain range and near the Matterhorn mountain. You will find a unique mountainous region of the Alps, where more than 40 peaks are concentrated above 4000 meters in Switzerland and Italy.

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3–11 July 2021Have places
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Duration: 9 days
Distance: ~130 km
Start: Milan
Finish: Milan
Accommodation: tent
Effort level: hard

Route of trekking in Alps

Milan - Breuil-Cervinia - Theodulo Pass (3295 meters) - Zermatt - Randa - Grachen - Saas-Fee - Lake Mattmark - Monte Moro Pass (2853 meters) - Macugnana - Turlo Pass (2738 meters) - Alagna - Milan