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Trekking in Caucasus «Western Caucasus: Teberda Reserve»

Trekking in Caucasus, where no heavy loads and do not need special experience. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Caucasus nature, check yourself and go at an altitude of 3,000 meters. You will see the grand glaciers and peaked vertices, rocky ridges and vast alpine meadows. Caucasus Mountains, is a Higher League of outdoor.

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  • 7 days

Mountain trekking "From Teberda to Arkhyz» Caucasus

Real mountain trekking in the Caucasus, in which you will overcome some of the passes, visit near the ancient glaciers, see unusual alpine lakes and fast mountain rivers. Caucasus will charm you with its nature and grandeur of the mountain peaks. During this trip you will visit the Caucasus in several climatic zones, get acquainted with the life of shepherds and try real Caucasian Airan. The route of the expedition to the Caucasus passes through a sparsely populated area and connects two of the most popular resort of the western Caucasus — Teberda and Arkhyz.

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  • 7 days

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