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Hiking in mountains

We organize hiking tours in the mountains. Our trips do not require special training and the strength even for beginners. Starting with us camping in the mountains, you are well rested mentally to know what your body is able to take a closer look and picturesque places of Iceland, Norway, Georgia, Nepal, Turkey, Montenegro, Carpathians, Alps and Cyprus.

Recommended hiking in mountains

Trekking in Norway «North Star»

Our trip in Norway (trekking in Norway) is a journey through the most amazing corners of picturesque Norway, the harsh northern nature of which amazes with its diversity and monumentality. We will visit to trolls and elves, which can still be found in Norway, if you are lucky:)

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  • 15 days
06.08.2017, 20.08.2017

from €332

Trekking in Carpathians «Marmarosy (Hutsul Alps)»

Unusual hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, where the ridges are steep, rocky peaks and a large part of the route runs along the border between Ukraine and Romania. Marmarosy not for nothing called the Hutsul Alps, they are very different from the usual Carpathian peaks and do not cease to amaze with their spectacular views, and the status of the border for a long time doing this part of the Carpathians is closed to the public.

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 6 days
02.07.2017, 09.07.2017, 16.07.2017, 23.07.2017
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from 1512 hrn

Hiking in Iceland «Walk on Mars»

Incredible travel which resembles a walk on Mars, as we see improbable lava fields, thermal valleys and huge glaciers. During the hike we overcome several unique valleys, swim in the Atlantic Ocean and visit an ice lagoon where glacier slowly slides into the ocean. Also we visit fabulous waterfalls, geysers and thermal Blue Lagoon. This trip is likely to be the best travel of the year or even the best travel of life.

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 14 days
16.07.2017, 30.07.2017, 13.08.2017, 27.08.2017

from €417

Trekking in Carpathians «Gorgany»

Lite version one of most beautiful Carpathian routes — Gorgany. Like in a full trekking trip "Gorgany", you will get acquainted with real Carpathian hinterland, walk on the old Polish-Czechoslovak border and see the stone trenches from the time Austro-Hungarian Empire. In this trekking in Carpathians you can go up to highest point of Gorgany - Sivulja mountain (1836 meters) and also get acquainted with life of Carpathian shepherds who live high in the mountains. Else you can enjoy white mushrooms, cow's cheese and fresh milk.

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 6 days
23.07.2017, 13.08.2017

from 1512 hrn

Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti + sea»

Поход по Грузии — возможность познакомиться с культурным и природным многообразием этой невероятной страны, где вы обязательно оставите частичку себя. Грузинский писатель Илья Чавчавадзе советовал: «Если вы хоть сколько-нибудь любите Грузию, обязательно поезжайте в Сванетию!» Грузия — это страна, при упоминании которой кто-то ощущает привкус хачапури, сулугуни, или грузинских вин, кто-то чувствует запах восточных приправ, или жареного мяса, а кто-то представляет громадные горные пики, старательно укрытые снегом. После похода по Грузии «Сванетия» у вас будут свои воспоминания:)

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 14 days
09.07.2017, 23.07.2017, 06.08.2017, 20.08.2017

from $192

Hiking in Carpathians «Petros + Hoverla»

This hike in the Carpathians affects two of the most iconic peaks of the Montenegrin ridge - Hoverla and Petros. This trip to the Carpathian Mountains Carpathian acquainted with the life of shepherds, allow to touch the clouds and visit at the height of the bird's flight. In good weather from the top of Petros and Goverla offers spectacular panoramic views at your feet are Zakarpattya and Carpathians, and somewhere far away will be seen the mountains of Romania.

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 3 days
07.07.2017, 14.07.2017, 21.07.2017, 28.07.2017
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from 872 hrn

Trekking in Montenegro «Durmitor mountain»

Поход по невероятно красочному и величественному горному массиву Дурмитор. Вас ждут живописные и труднодоступные вершины, глубокие горные долины и скалистые горные хребты, ледниковые озера и ласковое море в финале путешествия. Пейзажи Черногории не оставят вас равнодушными и сделают это путешествие незабываемым.

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 12 days

from €232

Short timetable

7–9 July Petros + Hoverla
9–14 July Montenegrin ridge
9–22 July Svaneti + sea
9–19 July Svaneti
23 July – 5 August Svaneti + sea
23 July – 2 August Svaneti
6–19 August Svaneti + sea
16–29 July Walk on Mars icon
16–25 July Walk on Mars lite
30 July – 12 August Walk on Mars icon
30 July – 8 August Walk on Mars lite
6–20 August North Star icon
20 August – 3 September North Star icon
31 August – 11 September Durmitor mountain
12–21 September TMB icon
21–30 September TMB icon
30 September – 13 October Lycian trail and Cappadocia
30 September – 7 October Lycian way
30 September – 9 October Lycian trail and the sea
15–27 October Aphrodite's island
29 October – 5 November Aphrodite's island: the sea
28 October – 11 November Everest base camp icon
11–26 November Annapurna Base Camp icon
7–22 April Annapurna Base Camp icon

Full timetable

Hiking to order

If you do not like the dates of our trips, we can adapt to you. We can also develop a route according to your wishes. If you are interested hiking to order.