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Review. Trekking in the Alps "Trekking around Monte-Rose + Matterhorn"


Translated from Russian


With the organization of everything is fine, except that it was obvious in my opinion that GID tired after the previous hike.


Very tasty, hearty, the portions are mega large, tried a bit of local food.

Instructor - Roman German   

Was physically and psychologically different group, and there were several controversial moments in the decisions of the instructor, but in any case, we managed.

General opinion   

Thanks for the hike, for my first encounter with the Alps, the weather is unreal lucky, no rain in the mountains, relatively warm nights in campsites, many possible soul.
One thing I did not like that not all participants commensurate their physical ability with the level of complexity of the program that is written on the website - it's sad.

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Trekking to the Alps along one of the most picturesque routes in Europe, which runs around the Monte Rosa mountain range and near the Matterhorn mountain. You will find a unique mountainous region of the Alps, where more than 40 peaks are concentrated above 4000 meters in Switzerland and Italy.

Duration - 9 days

Level - high

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3–11 July 2021