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Review. Trekking in the Alps "Trekking around Monte-Rose + Matterhorn"

Ol'ga Koval'ova 

Translation from Ukrainian


As always, the organization of trekking at altitude! Got the advice in the planning of the trip (flight, transfer, equipment) the day before. Route "Trekking around the Monte Rosa" - designed to be interesting, colorful, exercise - according to the capabilities of the group.


Food - delicious, high quality, elegant. Spaghetti with tuna and Parmesan cheese for Breakfast - super! Borscht, soups, vitamin and delicious, especially in the campaign. Desserts in the form of chocolate, biscuits, dried fruit - many thanks.
And sincerely grateful for cooking without our participation (I rest from household duties)

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

About the instructors, is a separate issue!!! We were lucky and there were already two(!) guide - Alexander and Roman. I appreciated it))) Alexander - calm, confident, reliable. Novel - confident, reliable, emotional, interesting person. Roman, thanks for your energy and reasonable adventurism))) Both - professional. With You it was safe and quiet. Alexander, thank you for the ability to stop and turn, to not risk the group. It turns out to be much appreciated in the mountains.

General opinion   

This is my 4th campaign in the "Route-club". In my travel experience - You are the best! Colorful and vibrant routes, experienced instructors, high quality and tasty food. Following the hike with You again.

Tour Information

Trekking to the Alps along one of the most picturesque routes in Europe, which runs around the Monte Rosa mountain range and near the Matterhorn mountain. You will find a unique mountainous region of the Alps, where more than 40 peaks are concentrated above 4000 meters in Switzerland and Italy.

Duration - 9 days

Level - high