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Trekking in Bulgaria «Rila mountain»

Dynamic trekking through Bulgaria, where you will get acquainted with the amazing mountain range of Rila. We will visit the edge of the seven Rila Lakes, visit the colorful Rila Monastery and climb to the highest point of the Balkans — Mount Musala.

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  • 8 days

Trekking in Bulgaria «Rila mountain and sea»

Trekking along the highest mountain massif of the Balkan Peninsula with the ascent to its highest point - Mount Musala (2925 meters). And you are waiting for the turquoise lakes of the Rila mountain range, the ancient Rila Monastery, the acquaintance with the Bulgarian capital Sofia and the rest by the sea in Varna.

  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 11 days

Short timetable

24–26 August Eastern Gorgany
24–26 August Gutsul tour
24–26 August Petros + Hoverla
24–25 August Goverla
25 August – 3 September TMB
3–12 September TMB
12–21 September TMB
1–14 September Svaneti + sea
1–11 September Svaneti
25 August – 7 September Walk on Mars
25 August – 2 September Walk on Mars lite
12–25 July Walk on Mars
14–27 September Lycian trail and Cappadocia
14–21 September Lycian way
14–23 September Lycian trail and the sea
24–26 September Fairytale Cappadocia
28 September – 11 October Lycian trail and Cappadocia
2–16 November Everest base camp
16–29 November Annapurna Base Camp
28 March – 12 April Everest base camp
23 October – 1 November Secrets of Madeira
1–10 November Secrets of Madeira

Full timetable

Hiking to order

If you do not like the dates of our trips, we can adapt to you. We can also develop a route according to your wishes. If you are interested hiking to order.