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Trekking in Iceland 2022

Iceland is an amazing country that attracts tourists from all over the world, constantly astonishing even the most sophisticated travelers. It is located at the junction of two tectonic plates and is the largest island of volcanic origin, in which the largest waterfall of Europe (Detofoss), Europe's largest glacier (Vatnayekyudl) and Europe's largest geyser (Geisir, which gave its name to all the world's geysers).

Trekking in Norway 2022

Norway is a harsh northern country where the descendants of the glorious Vikings live, and in the mountains trolls and elves still live (according to legends). Proximity to the Arctic Circle and the ocean Norway owes a lot of rainfall, thanks to which this country is saturated with beautiful lakes and mighty waterfalls. The mountains of Norway have been diligently processed by winds for more than one millennium, so there are rare peaks and lonely cliffs here. But in the mountains there are almost no trees and daytrips are very picturesque, so that you can often notice herds of peacefully grazing reindeers without much difficulty.

Hiking in Georgia 2022

Georgia is an incredible country of picturesque mountains, melodious songs, hospitable Georgians and delicious cuisine. Georgia is like a sparkling Georgian dance, which it captures from the first seconds and does not allow time for a respite until the very end of the journey through this distinctive country. And the heart of Georgia is Svaneti, where the history and culture of ancient Georgia and modernity interwoven, where the unique architecture and no less unique Georgian hospitality were preserved. You will love this country, with its massive mountain ranges and huge glaciers, with its rugged rivers and vast mountain valleys, with its ancient villages and people - an integral part of Georgia.

Trekking in Nepal 2022

Nepal is the most highland country of the World, in the territory of which there are 8 out of 14 eight-thousandths of the planet Earth. It is also a mixture of cultures and religions, modernity and antiquity, beautiful nature and noisy cities. From the first minutes of your stay in Nepal, you will find yourself in a cycle of events that will fundamentally change your perception of the structure of the world, especially if it is your first visit to Asia. Among the noise of an overpopulated city, walk the sacred cows, and next to the clunky high-rise buildings are ancient temples with a thousand-year history.

Hiking in Cyprus 2022

Cyprus is the sunniest island in Europe (more than 300 sunny days a year), which for a long time was at the junction of civilizations and empires. There are a lot of historical monuments of different epochs here, and the island itself is enveloped in legends and myths. On the coast of Cyprus from sea waters, the ancient Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite appeared, there were once large cities with the eloquent names of Polis and Paphos, merchants from different countries rushed here, connecting Europe and Asia. It is to Cyprus that the pink flamingos fly to winter, occupying a salt lake near Larnaka and greatly transforming the local landscapes.

Hiking in Turkey 2022

Turkey is a country with a rich history and culture, unique natural attractions and friendly people. To make sure of this, you should take a few steps away from the popular hotels of the & laquo; all inclusive & raquo; system, and you will see a completely different Turkey. You are waiting for picturesque canyons and fabulous cedar forests, rocky mountains and endless desert beaches, delicious fruits and unusual sweets. And in Turkey there is such an amazing place, like fairy Cappadocia, where you want to come back again and again, walking indefinitely for colorful valleys, or meeting the dawn on a rocky summit with balloons floating over your head.

Trekking in the Alps - around Mont Blanc, Monterosa and the Dolomites 2022

The Alps is one of our favorite destinations, where not only mountaineering, but also mountain tourism are located. The Alps are incredibly beautiful and diverse, and trekking around Mont Blanc, Monterosa, or in the Dolomites allows you to see the Alps in all its glory. In addition, trekking in the Alps allows you to see how people live in France, Italy and Switzerland, get acquainted with their culture, architecture, mental features and local cuisine with incredibly delicious local products (especially cheeses and wines).

Hiking in Montenegro 2022

Montenegro is a hospitable Balkan country with its amazing color, picturesque mountains and a gentle Adriatic Sea. The slow rhythm of Montenegrins is somehow combined with incendiary dances, like a calm sea combined with massive mountains. This country is a mystery, where is the deepest canyon in Europe and the beautiful Durmitor mountain range, old port cities and the most southern fjord of Europe. Here you want to stay for longer, enjoying every moment in this seaside country.

Hiking in Carpatians 2022

Carpathians - our most popular and favorite destination, where we annually drive more than a dozen hikes. We tried to saturate our schedule with hikes in the Carpathians of varying duration and complexity, so that it would be easier for you to choose the most suitable route, based on your capabilities and wishes. Carpathians are beautiful and severe at the same time, here you are waited by noisy waterfalls and endless expanses of mountain ranges, dense spruce forests and stone placers, picturesque peaks and verdant valleys, verdant key water and a crackling bonfire, new acquaintances and amazing stories. Carpathians are not always friendly, but they will not leave you indifferent, believe me.

Rafting on Dniester – catamaran rafting along the Dniester canyon 2022

Alloys are a great alternative to hiking if you do not have the ability or desire to carry a heavy backpack behind you, but still want to rest actively. We prefer calm alloys on catamarans or kayaks to traumatic alloys on mountain rivers.