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Bicycle tour: List of obligatory and recommended equipment to participate in a bicycle tour

List of things that are necessary for participation in the bike.


Choosing footwear for a hiking trip

Very often the choice of shoes is left at the last minute, although this should be given as much attention as possible.


Weekend in the Carpathians

If you are still a long way from vacation, but want to escape from the city and enjoy the summer in full - go on a weekend to the Carpathians! The mountains will help to put everything in its place, refresh the look and find answers to most of the questions.


Mountain sickness

Mountain sickness is a disease that develops in the course of a long stay of a person at high altitudes, which causes oxygen starvation of the body (hypoxia).


What now do the tent

The age of canvas tents has ended and new technologies are increasingly used in the production of tents.


Iceland: Additional costs in Iceland

Going on a trip to Iceland, you will be interested to know what additional costs await you in this amazing northern country.


Iceland: Excursions in Iceland

It so happened that on a relatively small plot of land collected a huge number of attractions that year after year do not get tired to surprise travelers.


How to choose a tent for a hike

Choosing a tent is not always enough to tell the seller that you need a good tent, you need to know a little more.


How to get to Bulgaria

We'll tell you how to get to Bulgaria easier to get acquainted with the mountains of this beautiful country.


How to get to Georgia

The most important rule of buying tickets at minimum prices - buy them in advance, closer to the date of departure will be exactly more expensive.


How to get to Romania

Despite the proximity of Romania, there are not many options to get to this country. Over the past few years, the situation has not improved much, despite the tourist attractiveness of this European country with a rich history.


How to get to Turkey

Since almost all our trips to Turkey begin in Antalya, we will consider the most convenient and affordable ways to get to Antalya.


How to get to Montenegro

In such a close and distant Montenegro can be reached in several ways, the most optimal of which we will try to highlight in this article.


How to protect yourself from a lightning strike in the mountains

Thunderstorm is quite a popular phenomenon in the mountains, where it is sometimes quite difficult to protect yourself from lightning.


Which bike tour to choose a beginner

There is nothing impossible, because the bike tours are mainly focused on ordinary people, and not on the Olympic champions.


Which rafting to choose, on kayaks or catamarans

First of all, it's worth starting from your wishes (on what river you want to visit) and physical possibilities.


Ticks and tick-borne encephalitis

The necessary information about mites and tick-borne encephalitis, as well as how to protect yourself from tick bites.


Summer in the Carpathians

No matter what kind of vacation you choose, an all-inclusive hotel with a pool and a panoramic view of the mountains, or a trip to the mountains and a five-star tent with endless expanses and cozy evenings by the fire. The main thing that your summer brought a sea of impressions for a whole year.


Movement in a hike

A hike is not a walk, so do not be overconfident.


The list of necessary equipment for rafting

Rafting have their own characteristics, and for them there is a list of equipment.


List of necessary equipment for a hiking trip

Each trip is unique and each requires a certain set of products, equipment and personal belongings.


List of necessary tourist equipment for high (rocky) mountains

A feature of the high mountains (Caucasus, Altai, Tien Shan) is a more rapid climb and the absence of well-stocked hiking trails.


List of equipment for "cold" campaigns (Iceland, Norway)

The list of equipment for "cold" hikes takes into account the climatic features and features of the relief.


List of equipment for winter comfort tours to the Carpathians

Winter comfort-tours to the Carpathians is a special kind of hiking, where you spend the night in a warm house and make radial exits to the mountains every day with a small backpack.


List of equipment for winter hikes in the mountains

Winter hikes differ from the others in extreme conditions, which require special equipment and careful preparation.


List of equipment and documents for trekking in Nepal (Annapurna)

List of equipment and documents for trekking in Nepal (Annapurna) with explanations.


Hiking Stories: "Very useful" things in the hike

Before each hike in the mountains, we strongly recommend that you focus on the list of equipment and do not pull with yourself excess, because in the end it will all need to be worn with him until the end of the campaign. But despite this, periodically the participants manage to surprise us.


Hiking Stories: Andrew and a ticket to Goreme

Hiking in Turkey is usually full of all sorts of adventures and funny stories. Here and in May 2012 there was an amusing incident with my friend Andrew.


Hiking Stories: Vitya and the Hound of the Baskervilles

The May campaign in Turkey in 2015 pleased the cheerful company and marching stories, some of which were told by the participants of the march. This story was told by Victor in one of the first evenings by the fire.


Hiking Stories: Igor, layout and corn

Even at the dawn of my turbulent camp life we were going on a campaign in the mountains of the Caucasus, which was supposed to be also a category one (on the route there were technically difficult passes).


Hiking Stories: Mom, Jam and Lena

Often, part of the first day of the campaign, the whole group eats up the products from the train, carefully caring for their children and grandchildren with caring mothers and grandmothers.


Hiking stories: The first hike in the mountains of Igor

This was the first trip to the Carpathians of Igor, to which he enrolled two weeks before it began.


Hiking Stories: Sasha, Mom and Chocolate

n the middle of July 2012, I gathered a group for a hike to the Carpathians, having previously purchased and distributed the products between the participants. All were from Kiev, so the products were received the day before departure, so the time for packing backpacks was enough.


Hiking Stories: Warm socks on a trek

There were times when I had not gone to winter hikes yet, and the equipment, folded in the autumn in the closet, patiently waited for the May holidays, before which I started going on a campaign.


Hiking Stories: I'm on the Left Bank

This story occurred in May 2015, when we on the second day of the hike along the Lycian trail descended into the canyon.


Hiking in the Carpathians (Gorgan, Svidovets, Montenegrin Ridge): general information

Carpathians are the highest mountains of Ukraine (the highest point is Goverla 2061 meters).


Hiking in Georgia: a meeting place for participants

Georgia is a relatively small country, so we are not limited to any one airport, but we are considering the possibility of arriving at one of the three international airports in Georgia - Tbilisi, Kutaisi, or Batumi.


Hiking in Georgia: features

Going on a campaign in Georgia for the first time, many do not quite understand what awaits them, and first of all it concerns those who go for the first time to the "high" mountains.


Hiking in the Crimea: general information

Hikes in the Crimea differ in complexity and mostly focused on beginners, but it is worth noting that hiking in the mountains is not a walk in the park and in any hike will be ups and downs.


Hiking in Turkey: general information

The most accessible for hiking trips can be considered the area near Antalya, where there is a large airport and where a huge number of aircraft arrives.


Preparing for a hike

All responsible activities in life need to be prepared, and a hike is a very important event.


Discounts for reviews and reports

Discount for the report is an attempt to activate your creative principle and overcome your laziness.


Trekking in Nepal (Annapurna): general information on the pedestrian part of trekking

General information about trekking in Nepal: accommodation, meals, transportation, acclimatization.


Trekking, hiking and backpacking

Some information about such popular terms, which are increasingly used by manufacturers of tourist equipment and not only.


Trekking poles

It's not ski poles, as it might seem at first glance.


Tourist hikes — organization and conduct

Every year, the number of people who wish and descend in various types of hiking tours is growing.


Tourist mat, carimat, isomat

Camping mat will be useful not only in the tourism campaign, but also in everyday life.


Tours to the Carpathians for three days

Tours in the Carpathians for three days an excellent opportunity to escape from the bustling city, plunge into the world of leisure, feel the power of nature, gain strength and energy.


Route difficulty level

What is the level of complexity in it and how is it determined?


What to dress in a hike

Well, of course the most beautiful dress and the most beautiful hat, well, at worst, my favorite blouse:)