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Hiking in Turkey «Lycian trail and Cappadocia»

Hiking in Turkey will introduce you to the amazing Lycian trail and fairy Cappadocia. Lycian trail is included in the TOP 10 of the most beautiful European routes, it stretches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, periodically climbing into the mountains of Turkey and descending to deserted beaches.

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25 April – 6 May 2020Have places
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9–20 May 2020Have places
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Ekaterina Borodina
The steep journey over the last couple of years. Your people :) surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty The food is excellent. Oatmeal with a sea of dried apricots and raisins - yummy) Roma - awesome person and instructor! :) I liked that consults with the participants of the tour and make the best decisions...
1 pcs
Elena Sertakova
I enjoyed it. Very grateful to all the members of our group: Maxim, Victoria, Sergei, Igor, Margot and Marat for their patience and assistance. I still 67 years old and I'm a little retarded group, but boys and girls always supported me, unloaded, for which I say THANK You. The route is made correctly, and I...
The case when you get much more than you expect. Never thought that in Turkey at the end of may will be such a beautiful snow-capped mountains, very impressed with the ascent to Tahtali. Surrounded by cliffs and bays with crystal clear water, which at night when you swim looks like another starry sky. The rui...
Lyudmila Voloshina
Very, very much! This is my first multi-day hike, of course worried, and suddenly something is wrong, Yes, it's not commercials. It all came together flawlessly. Great company, professional guide. I want to advise those who are only going to listen to the recommendations laid out in preparation. So I didn't l...
4 pcs
Anastasia Savina
This was my first experience of participating in the campaign, and I have only best impressions! It is not always easy, but the help, support and unquenchable optimism of our instructors and the team helped to overcome all difficulties. Now, at the first opportunity,again in March, and without a drop of dou...
Katerina Dyachenko
If You are going camping for the first time and you're conflicted whether to go and it'll be, my answer is - definitely worth a go! Beginners are advised not to ignore the information about prior physical preparation. Even though I was prepared, but in the end it turned out that my stamina is at zero and it...
2 pcs
Roman Bel'ko
A very rich and interesting route, I advise everyone to visit it! Thanks to Roma and Andrew for delicious cooked food, the food was excellent. To bed hungry I did not go never. Roma: a great sense of humor, excellent knowledge of the route, a great cook. But most of all I remember that he had a steel patience...
Dmitriiy Kuznecov
I liked everything, it was well organized. There are no disadvantages. I liked everything, it was well organized. There are no disadvantages...
Margarita Krivko
This is my first sort of trip I really enjoyed. The beautiful shore of the Mediterranean, canyons, waterfalls, orange groves ascent to Tahtali... Can be very long to enumerate all. A well-conceived and organized the route, excellent instructor, I tried to listen to the wishes of each. Thank You very much!!! A...
Oksana Yakovenko
Hi all. I want to share my impressions of the trip in October on the Lycian way and Cappadocia. I must say that I was very lucky: the weather is super, even in the middle of November, when Kiev was gray, wet and cold, Turkey is warm and Sunny and dry; the guys were cool, all so different, but each in its own...
Dmitriiy Osipov
Logistics. For convenience, it would be ideal to arrange your transfer from the airport to the start of the canyon, and that its cost was already included in the tour. And it would be less unexpected costs (travel, camping, etc.). But overall it was a great success. Thank you. It would be possible to add more...
A good organizer. I do not plan to. Very pleased with the flexible system of discounts. Always interesting itineraries and the ability to make changes (if that). I like that the organizers communicate well with the participants, attentive to detail. Tip: to more tightly control the time with sets of product...
Viktor Sugak
Impressions are positive: first, weather is the best time of year for such a journey. Nature - all very green and beautiful the sea, the Bay is gorgeous. Level of the hike is not very complicated, so there is time to think about the heavy backpack and climbs, and enjoy the nature, mountains, fresh air. Thank...
Gashinskiiy Alekseiy
This is the best hike that was in my life to date. And in Turkey, fell in love, and fully considered it is a beautiful country, amazing nature, wonderful people. And everything - really:) Dietary requirements taken into account particularly were not buckwheat like I asked and did not take too much pasta, t...
Olena Nesterenko
My wishes: more of a trekking along the coast, more green bays and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Less stops at the same place. I would also like to spend more time in Cappadocia - a wonderful place on Earth. For everything else - THANK you so much! My wishes: more of a trekking along t...
Vyacheslav Gorbenko
From the point of view of a seasoned tourist route in the mountainous part is nothing special, even the ascent to Tahtali. But I think in any case, be sure to pass everyone. Loved Cappadocia! In fact a 5. Very pleased with the freeze-dried products make life easier (literally). It would be possible to diversi...
Vitaliya Podnebesnaya
Oleg Pankratov
Yuriiy Alehin
Gorgeous hike. The food is very very good. Instructor of HIGHER rank. Gorgeous hike...
Viktor Nosichenko
Experience the best. The food is excellent. The instructor just HANDSOME. PROS of the business. Experience the best...
Aleksandr Kordonskiiy
Everything except food I liked. Company is super, the instructor, too, the weather did not disappoint, everything went without incident. I'm happy. Guideline is to pay close attention to participants "years". Often, especially in the mountains, these people tire quickly and because of physical disability...
So began a long-awaited vacation, and MRC began our journey on a route "the Lycian way and Cappadocia". In connection with the late arrival, the first night we spent at the hotel in the old town in Antalya. And in the morning, after Breakfast, we set off. Places that we have lived to see, will long remain in...
I wanted to test yourself in a multi-day hike and discover new mountains, but there is also a chance to visit Cappadocia:) For me, the Lycian way is the mountains and nature, changing with each passing day, with every step. Mountains, sometimes as a native Crimean, and sometimes radically different! I fir...