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Review. Hiking in Turkey «Lycian trail and Cappadocia»

Irina Ermakova 

Translated from Russian


The organization is at the highest level. All the necessary information is provided in the smallest detail, and if you have any questions or need a consultation, they promptly respond and help.


Stas and Andrei did not leave anyone hungry. The food was varied, everything was great! My personal top is tuna spaghetti! And probably, I never wanted fat so much as on this trip, when there was borscht for dinner (it was the collective dream of the whole group) :)

Instructor - Stanislav Muzyria   

Stas and Andrey are just darlings :) Have such patience to answer the same questions 100 times! They always gave detailed information about the upcoming segment of the route and the plan for the day, this helped psychologically prepare for the stress. Special thanks to Stas for his help with organizing a hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia!

General opinion   

Insanely happy! A trip with the guys is not only a good organization, but also a cool friendly atmosphere, an opportunity to meet such different interesting people. Thank you for expanding the boundaries of our familiar world and showing such beauty! Already thinking where to go with you on your next adventure!

Tour Information

Hiking in the unforgettable and fantastic Turkey will introduce you to one of the most interesting hiking routes in the World — Lycian trail. You will ascend to Turkish Olympus, see fire-breathing Chimera and ancient city Olympos. In the second part of the trip to Turkey, you will visit fantastic Cappadocia, where you can get acquainted with the underground cities, ancient Christian monasteries and fantastic stone valleys.

Duration - 12 days

Level - easy/medium