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Hiking in Montenegro 2019

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Montenegro is a hospitable Balkan country with its amazing color, picturesque mountains and a gentle Adriatic Sea. The slow rhythm of Montenegrins is somehow combined with incendiary dances, like a calm sea combined with massive mountains. This country is a mystery, where is the deepest canyon in Europe and the beautiful Durmitor mountain range, old port cities and the most southern fjord of Europe. Here you want to stay for longer, enjoying every moment in this seaside country.

Trekking in Montenegro «Durmitor mountain»

Trekking through the incredibly colorful and majestic Durmitor mountain range. You are waiting for picturesque and hard to reach peaks, deep mountain valleys and rocky mountain ranges, glacial lakes and gentle sea in the final of the trip. Landscapes of Montenegro will not leave you indifferent and make this trip an unforgettable one.

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  • 11 days

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