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Hiking in Georgia 2020

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Georgia is an incredible country of picturesque mountains, melodious songs, hospitable Georgians and delicious cuisine. Georgia is like a sparkling Georgian dance, which it captures from the first seconds and does not allow time for a respite until the very end of the journey through this distinctive country. And the heart of Georgia is Svaneti, where the history and culture of ancient Georgia and modernity interwoven, where the unique architecture and no less unique Georgian hospitality were preserved. You will love this country, with its massive mountain ranges and huge glaciers, with its rugged rivers and vast mountain valleys, with its ancient villages and people - an integral part of Georgia.

Hiking in Georgia «Spring Svaneti»

May in Georgia is extremely beautiful and full of contrasts, mountains are still covered with snow, but gardens on a coast are in full bloom. Hiking with us in Georgia in May, you definitely like this picturesque highland, where sky meets earth. Breathing fresh mountain air, enjoying magnificent views you understand Georgia with its wonderfully melodic songs, incredibly delicious cuisine and genuine warmth with which Georgians welcome guests.

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26.04.2020, 03.05.2020

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Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti + sea»

Trekking in Georgia is an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and natural diversity of this incredible country, where you will definitely leave a part of yourself. The Georgian writer Ilya Chavchavadze advised: "If you love Georgia at all, go to Svaneti!"

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Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti»

Svanetia is loved and revered in Georgia, because its amazing architecture and original culture is famous throughout the world. The towers of Svaneti in the village of Ushguli are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the ancient churches of the country of proud Swan have preserved the heritage of hundreds of centuries of rich history of this region.

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26 April – 2 May Spring Svaneti
3–9 May Spring Svaneti
30 June – 9 July Svaneti + sea
30 June – 8 July Svaneti
30 June – 4 July Svaneti lite
10–19 July Svaneti + sea
10–18 July Svaneti
10–14 July Svaneti lite
21–30 July Svaneti + sea
21–29 July Svaneti
21–25 July Svaneti lite
31 July – 9 August Svaneti + sea
31 July – 8 August Svaneti
31 July – 4 August Svaneti lite
11–20 August Svaneti + sea
11–19 August Svaneti
11–15 August Svaneti lite
21–30 August Svaneti + sea
21–29 August Svaneti
21–25 August Svaneti lite
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