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Hiking in Carpatians 2022

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Carpathians - our most popular and favorite destination, where we annually drive more than a dozen hikes. We tried to saturate our schedule with hikes in the Carpathians of varying duration and complexity, so that it would be easier for you to choose the most suitable route, based on your capabilities and wishes. Carpathians are beautiful and severe at the same time, here you are waited by noisy waterfalls and endless expanses of mountain ranges, dense spruce forests and stone placers, picturesque peaks and verdant valleys, verdant key water and a crackling bonfire, new acquaintances and amazing stories. Carpathians are not always friendly, but they will not leave you indifferent, believe me.

Trekking in Carpathians «Charming Gutsulya»

Species and relatively easy hike to the Carpathians, which is great for first acquaintance with the Carpathians. The route runs along the Montenegrin ridge (the highest mountain range in Ukraine), is full of panoramic views and picturesque places. Colorful sunsets and sunrises surrounded by mountains will not leave even experienced travelers indifferent, let alone beginners :)

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  • 3 days
28.06.2024, 05.08.2024, 26.08.2024, 13.09.2024
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from 2959 hrn

Hiking in Carpathians «Goverla»

If you have never climbed a mountain, did not spend the night in a tent (and have a vague idea of how to put it), did not cook food at the stake? Our advice - it's time to start, a lot of pleasures we guarantee. And how you can pay attention to the highest mountain of Ukraine - Hoverla, with which an incredible view opens. Not to mention the beauty of the Carpathians, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • 2 days
27.06.2024, 25.07.2024, 23.08.2024, 11.10.2024
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from 2999 hrn

Mountain trekking in the Carpathians "Montenegrin Range express"

This is an abridged version of the popular route Montenegrin Ridge, which in just 4 days will introduce you to most of the sights of the highest mountain range in Ukraine. We went to the Carpathians, they are very colorful!

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  • 4 days
27.06.2024, 04.07.2024, 11.07.2024, 01.08.2024
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from 4687 hrn


21–23 June Eastern Gorgany
27–28 June Goverla
28–30 June Charming Gutsulya
12–14 July Eastern Gorgany
19–21 July Borjava
25–26 July Goverla
26–28 July Petros + Hoverla
5–7 August Charming Gutsulya
12–14 August Eastern Gorgany
19–21 August Borjava
23–24 August Goverla
23–25 August Eastern Gorgany
26–28 August Charming Gutsulya
29–31 August Eastern Gorgany
6–8 September Petros + Hoverla
13–15 September Charming Gutsulya
20–22 September Eastern Gorgany
27–29 September Charming Gutsulya
4–6 October Charming Gutsulya
11–12 October Goverla
1–3 November Charming Gutsulya
8–9 November Goverla
15–17 November Charming Gutsulya
29 December – 1 January Carpathian's panorama (comfort-tour)
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