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Review. Hiking in Carpathians «Petros + Hoverla»

Dmitro Popik 

Translation from Ukrainian


The organization is good, Irina gave accurate answers and advice, all questions were answered.


The diet is balanced and nutritious, there were enough calories and carbohydrates for a successful hike, there was no feeling of hunger, tea and coffee with goodies were always there. Guide Anatoly took over all the work, cooked well and did not starve)

Instructor - Anatoliy Kozachenko   

Special and big thanks for the professional in his work, every word of Anatoly is many years of experience and experience in hiking. Professionalism was noticeable at first glance with the naked eye, which was confirmed during and after the campaign, everything was clear and with a lot of emotions, a very knowledgeable person, I hope someday I will be lucky to go camping again with Anatoly.

General opinion   

Lots of impressions, the weather was capricious: the first day it rained, we got wet, but optimism did not leave us, the next day was great in temperature, and the third day was hot, but everything was fine! Upon arrival in the city of residence, it really was the impression that the soul is still in the mountains, and the body in a concrete city.

Tour Information

This hike in the Carpathians affects two of the most iconic peaks of the Montenegrin ridge - Hoverla and Petros. This trip to the Carpathian Mountains Carpathian acquainted with the life of shepherds, allow to touch the clouds and visit at the height of the bird's flight. In good weather from the top of Petros and Goverla offers spectacular panoramic views at your feet are Zakarpattya and Carpathians, and somewhere far away will be seen the mountains of Romania.

Duration - 3 days

Level - medium

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