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Hiking in Carpathians «Petros + Hoverla»

This hike in the Carpathians affects two of the most iconic peaks of the Montenegrin ridge - Hoverla and Petros. This trip to the Carpathian Mountains Carpathian acquainted with the life of shepherds, allow to touch the clouds and visit at the height of the bird's flight. In good weather from the top of Petros and Goverla offers spectacular panoramic views at your feet are Zakarpattya and Carpathians, and somewhere far away will be seen the mountains of Romania.

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20–22 September 2019Have places
1499 hrn 1274 hrn
Discounted Places 15% only: 2
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12–14 October 2019Have places
1499 hrn 1199 hrn
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Duration: 3 days
Distance: ~25 km
Start: Ivano-Frankivsk before 9:00
Finish: Ivano-Frankivsk after 16:00
Accommodation: tent
Effort level: medium