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Review. Hiking in Carpathians «Petros + Hoverla»


Translated from Russian


The organization of anything the instructor himself for the first time (!!!!!) went on this route. The plan of the campaign was varied in a direct way. The campaign, which he assured me would be suitable for beginners on the complex matter. You certainly will reach, but the language on the shoulder. A dubious pleasure.


The food is excellent. All tasty and satisfying.

Instructor - Vasyl Dutchak   

A young man, confidence is not inspired.

General opinion   

The mountains are beautiful, and so...

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry you did not like the trip. Perhaps you are not correctly interpreted the information that the route can easily go through the beginners because the difficulty level is average, which means that it is necessary to prepare and only in this case he will bring pleasure (untrained participants can pass, but most likely it won't be fun).
As for the instructor, he had been there many times, only went the more scenic route along the Chornohora ridge (this route covers the Petros and Hoverla), so with the terrain he was familiar. And the plan of campaign was changed due to the weather, according to the instructor.
We will draw conclusions from your review and will continue to focus the attention of participants on the level of complexity and the need to prepare, especially for a beginner. Well, we will work with the instructor to better communicated with the group and explained why changing the route.

Tour Information

This hike in the Carpathians affects two of the most iconic peaks of the Montenegrin ridge - Hoverla and Petros. This trip to the Carpathian Mountains Carpathian acquainted with the life of shepherds, allow to touch the clouds and visit at the height of the bird's flight. In good weather from the top of Petros and Goverla offers spectacular panoramic views at your feet are Zakarpattya and Carpathians, and somewhere far away will be seen the mountains of Romania.

Duration - 3 days

Level - medium

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