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Review. Trekking du Mont Blanc «TMB»

Yuliya Nesterenko 

Translated from Russian


Everything is fine. To information support and logistics no complaints.


Food very much. Well, right very. It's great that the route was local cheeses and a fresh baguette, and chocolate. This is a really big plus campaign.

Instructor - Stanislav Muzyria   

Stas well done. Stoically endured our questions "what is this mountain/flower/Bush/" "how long?", "tea," and even have tried them to get. Separately, I note his improved ability to cook the oatmeal. It can, of course, merit more oatmeal than him, but whatever it was, the days with oatmeal for Breakfast was not as sad as expected.

General opinion   

Great hike. Parking beautiful panoramic view, camping is good, food is super, Stas well done, weather was nice, a good date, camping was not Packed to capacity (at least in the beginning), the band is great. This is my 4 trip and so far, the best (by eating). Mountains and Parking everywhere is beautiful, but the Parmesan with fresh baguette for lunch a lot.

Tour Information

Trekking around Mont Blanc - this is an incredible journey back home mountaineering, where we will visit France, Italy and Switzerland. We visited several climatic zones and overcome several passes, we will see near the huge glaciers and vast alpine meadows, turquoise mountain lakes and deep mountain valleys. We get acquainted with the cuisine and customs of the three countries, which, although they are in the neighborhood, but each is distinguished by its originality and flavor.

Duration - 9 days

Level - medium

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