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Trekking du Mont Blanc «TMB»

Trekking around Mont Blanc - this is an incredible journey back home mountaineering, where we will visit France, Italy and Switzerland. We visited several climatic zones and overcome several passes, we will see near the huge glaciers and vast alpine meadows, turquoise mountain lakes and deep mountain valleys. We get acquainted with the cuisine and customs of the three countries, which, although they are in the neighborhood, but each is distinguished by its originality and flavor.

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16–24 June 2020Have places
€329 €280
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25 June – 3 July 2020Have places
€329 €280
Discounted Places 15% only: 5
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4–12 July 2020Have places
€329 €280
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13–21 July 2020Have places
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10–18 September 2020Have places
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19–27 September 2020Have places
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Ol'ga Sherbanyuk
Hike in the Alps this is an incredible experience! We were lucky with the weather, it was Sunny, warm, but already in the autumn. It was a bit rainy but that only added to the magic of the mountains, because after the rain always incredible landscapes and clouds around. It was very interesting to see so m...
12 pcs
The trek around Mont Blanc is the incredible beauty of its journey. I have long wanted to see the Alps, but lack of experience stopped me. I would like to say to all who doubt, with the help of professionals hike forces any healthy person. You don't need to worry so much about organizational issues, in the mo...
4 pcs
Tat'yana Kaverina
It was my first real hike! Such a long and such megacolony! But such an extraordinary and beautiful! I was lucky, we had a great group and good guides! Alps won my heart:) Overall, the food I liked to discover new dishes such as spaghetti with tuna (great!) for the first time ate porridge made from bulgur (wh...
Margarita Demchenko
The hike is gorgeous, the views are just unreal. Any harsh transitions in the snow, the protracted UPS and downs, exhaustion and fatigue are worth it!!! Don't even think over other areas. If You haven't walked around Mont Blanc, You have a good physical preparation and a great love for the mountains - You are...
3 pcs
Katerina Dyachenko
Trek around Mont Blanc is about 120 km for 8 days...Almost every day up the mountain pass and descent, unreal types of the Alps, marmots, fields of blueberry, cheese.. The campaign reminds us of the important things. Each day of watching our path that leads to the pass, it seemed to me that all this is un...
12 pcs
Alina Ismailova
First time in my life I was so sad to end a vacation and leave with the group. Everything from beginning to end was amazing: breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, friendly and cheerful team of associates, class instructor. Will definitely go with you on a hike again! Thank you for the best rest. The food i...
16 pcs
Elena Kosinskaya
The Alps... the Alps is super cool! So diverse and beautiful in any form. So, go with a heavy backpack it was hard, but when the spirit grasps from beauty around... it's all worth it! And I want back to the mountains... Thanks for Route, very high quality organization and vivid memories! The food at the trekk...
8 pcs
Nataliya Kupovec
I was very pleased, will definitely recommend to friends and would happily go again. Food very pleasant,varied and healthy menu. There was always the possibility and choice. Also happy with sweets for tea during trekking and special bonuses in the form of Italian ice cream, ham and French wine near the campsi...
5 pcs
Mariya Korobkova
Huge thanks to Ivan for the organization, delicious food and nice company! The advantage of the route to civilization is the ability to go on the road to the store for fresh bread and not to bear a set of products on all days :) Huge thanks to Ivan for the organization, delicious food and nice company!...
Vitaliiy Sotnikov
Gorgeous hike. Got more impressions than expected. Thank you Route the club! Meals on the route was fantastic! Pasta with cheese and pesto, wonderful French cheeses, canned meat and fish, brewed coffee. Many thanks to the instructor Novel. Thanks to him, the hike was easy, comfortable and without problems. In...
Loved it. This is a new experience in life, it was a little disturbing. But with such organisers as the Club "Route", it is safe to travel. It was gastrotour, all delicious, satisfying, varied and on time. Stanislav Muzira. Experienced, attentive and very responsible. Inspires confidence from the first minut...
Yurіiy Kondakov
The first thing that comes to mind - no easy trip, about a kilometer of ascent and descent of a kilometer every day, so don't forget to practice good knees and bring your trekking poles. But physical activity kompensiruet kraevedenie beautiful mountain snow-covered, Alpine meadows with herds of cows and cowar...
4 pcs
Viktoria Shmadiuk
Super! I recommend, this year we get to go camping with the same club! And it was all great, the company we were in a very wonderful, everyone was interesting, friendly, Mature, and smart! In terms of physical activity, we did not starve, it was good, especially cheese cakes)))) and at the end of the hike,...
4 pcs
Roman Krasnenkov
Fellow instructor. Followed all during the campaign. Waited for those who lagged behind and quickly catching up with those who ran forward. Told all sorts of interesting things, knew all the local nazvaniya. Very diverse. I really liked the soups and spaghetti with tuna. Well that morning was not just cereal...
Yuliya Nesterenko
Great hike. Parking beautiful panoramic view, camping is good, food is super, Stas well done, weather was nice, a good date, camping was not Packed to capacity (at least in the beginning), the band is great. This is my 4 trip and so far, the best (by eating). Mountains and Parking everywhere is beautiful, but...
Ol'ga Koval'ova
Passed about 120 km France - Italy - Switzerland. Feel full of energy, no fatigue. And already thinking where to go next time with the Route. Food and cooking was, as always, at height. The conductor Stas always been able to surprise us. Delicious oatmeal with lots of dried fruits, nuts and condensed milk; s...
Andreiy Uralov
Really enjoyed it, I especially recommend to those who for the first time in this campaign. If you are omnivorous, then hungry will not exactly) if not, discuss this in advance with the organizers. Very pleased local products. Stas is a great instructor, knows and loves his job. Really enjoyed it, I especiall...
4 pcs
Vitalii Shmadiuk
Great experience, made friends with his wife in the campaign, rallied. My wife and I are vegetarians and we liked the food, variety of moderately. Profi, prepared during and delicious! Great experience, made friends with his wife in the campaign, rallied...
Natal'ya Semenyuk
Long opinion about the mega hike in the Alps with the mega panel and mega instructor. The first days hike from my euphoria was. Ifigeneia types, interesting people, tasty food. For you are all organized and thought out. And you are just enjoying all these incredible views of Alpine meadows and peaks, wate...
4 pcs
Marina Konovalova
Well. Ок. Experienced, tolerant. Well...
Oleg Davydenko
General impression - the first chance will go with him to the next campaign! The food was decent. Stas tried The instructor was great! quiet, counterbalanced, with sense of humor. General impression - the first chance will go with him to the next campaign!...
Aleksandr Hohlyuk
Well I went and liked it. Not good enough. Food had to be purchased independently. The farewell dinner was not. Great. Calm and collected and sensible. Credible. Well I went and liked it...
Andreiy Prokopenko
On 5. The food is very good and varied. A true professional of his craft. On 5...
Yuriiy Alehin
It is very nice. The food is excellent. Just a very classy professional. It is very nice...
Viktor Nosichenko
Everything is just fine. The food is great. Request - if the diet oatmeal, with milk, she goes with a Bang. The instructor is very high class. Everything is just fine...
Al'ya Jarkova
It's been nearly 4 months since I visited the beautiful Alps! Settled emotions. But I want to share impressions and most importantly - to thank the participants of the trek, the organizers and special thanks and gratitude to the instructor Stanislav! Stas has proved itself as an experienced lifeguard. But mor...
Ekaterina Borodina
I recommend the hike! The food is excellent) A lot of cookies really hard to control myself))) Zest was added by the French wine and cheese! Instructor Sasha experienced. And a very interesting conversationalist) I recommend the hike!...
1 pcs
Alena Sirenko
The most BEAUTIFUL route! We waited for the incredible beauty that each day was replaced by a new one. All very civilized, European, well-maintained campsites and hot water every day. From meals it is possible to note soup (every day), spaghetti with French cheese, farmer's ham and wine) So judge for yoursel...
1 pcs
Marina Gorbunova
Where there is love of Hiking? What motivates people who is comfortable stay in hotels, prefer rafting, overnight camping in the woods near the fire or with a huge backpack and climb in the mountains. We are all children of nature, and dwelling in it, enjoying it, we recognize ourselves. Appears irresisti...
Stanislav Shpachenko
Everything was beautiful, interesting and delicious. Everything was beautiful, interesting and delicious...