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Rafting on Dniester «Dniester Canyon»

The real water trips on the Dniester River, which successfully combines the charm of outdoor activities and fascinating journey through one of the largest rivers in Ukraine. Rafting on the six days you will pull from the arms of civilization and teach you to overcome difficulties and prepare a delicious meal on the fire and enjoy the stars at night.

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Duration: 6 days
Distance: ~140 km
Start: Ivano-Frankivsk 9:40
Finish: Zalishchiki 13:00
Conditions: in tents
Level: easy/middle

Route rafting on Dniester

Ivano-Frankivsk - Nizhny - Odaev - Lug- Koropovets - Vozyliv- Rakovets - Beremyany - Lityachi - Ustechko – Zaleshchiki

Program of rafting

The first day
Putting things on catamarans, we hit the road. Very soon we will be in the Dniester Canyon and the river on both sides will be accompanied steep forested slopes.
On the sides will be seen periodically settlements until we get to the big meadows in bend of the river. Here is our first long halt, which will be complemented by excursion to the sights on a nearby hill.
We will spend the night in a picturesque location on the banks of the Dniester.

The second day
In the morning we will go on an excursion to the monument of architecture of XIX century - the palace of Count Baden in Koropovets. The palace was built in the Renaissance style with Baroque elements. Outside the palace well preserved and perfectly captures the spirit of his time. Palace surrounds a huge park, which is spread over an area of ​​200 hectares. In the olden days in the park cared about thirty gardeners, and today the park has lost none of its former greatness.
After the walk we will return to the river and continue the journey. Along the way we look at travertine rock and waterfall. Nature will continue to delight us with miraculous landscapes, and the river will continue to turn left, then right.
After lunch we go on an excursion to the waterfall Vozilovskomu. Be the end of the day, the first full day in the canyon of the river Dniester.

The third day
Near the village Monastyrek we look picturesque waterfall Girlish tears. For many years the nature with water created a unique waterfall flowing jet which resemble tears.
Once we make a halt at the village Rakovets. It is here that remains of the Rakovets castle, once formidable fortification, which did not survive the test of time. The castle was located on a rocky outcropping on the bank of the Dniester and was a strategic object guarding the crossing near Rakovci. He survived a few Tatar sieges, but was captured by the Turks. Now from the majestic building was only one tower, which is reminiscent of past greatness.
And again, our paddles will cut the water surface and our catamarans rush downstream Dniester.
Evening gatherings around the campfire finish today.

The fourth day
And again, we will carry forward slowly river, leaving behind miles of the route. Another natural landmark in front of us appear Hmelevskaya wall - bluff canyon. We will go with the wild relative of the canyon, where the steep banks do not allow podstupat settlements close to the water.
Very soon we'll get to Shutrominskoe Tracts, which grow old trees. This is the most colorful place of the canyon, which has preserved its original beauty.
Gradually the canyon walls begin to recede, and on the left bank in front of us will Ustechko village near which we dwell. Today is the end point of the route, tomorrow will be even.

The fifth day
The first part of the day will be a pedestrian, we go to the remains of the castle and Chervonograd largest plain waterfall in Ukraine.
Castle-palace is in decline, although some of the surviving buildings reminiscent of the past greatness. Besides the castle buildings remains of a Catholic church. Church and castle located on a hill in the center Dzhurinskaya canyon. Dzhurinsky Falls is the largest plain waterfall in Ukraine. Its waters cascade falling from a height of 16 meters, forming picturesque composition and jacuzzi incredible effect for all who dare to swim in its waters.
Back at camp, we rest a little and start to pack. Today we have planned a small water crossing, not to violate the tradition of nights in new places.
The night we habitually focus on the bank of the Dniester, today will be the last "royal" night:)

The sixth day
Canyon continue surrounded us on all sides, slowly opening up new scenic areas. Along the way we Swim Near Zhezhavskim botanical reserve, the only flat place in Ukraine where grow blueberries and cranberries (even these berries can be found in the Carpathians).
Finally, we have opened Zaleshchiki. This small town was once famous resort, thanks to its mild climate, warm. Now he is not so popular, but still, it survived several historical monuments. Moored to the shore, we perepakuem our gear, slowly began to return to normal life.
Until next time!

Instructor can make changes to route according to weather, physical condition and other factors.