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Rafting on Dniester «Dniester Canyon»

The real water trips on the Dniester River, which successfully combines the charm of outdoor activities and fascinating journey through one of the largest rivers in Ukraine. Rafting on the six days you will pull from the arms of civilization and teach you to overcome difficulties and prepare a delicious meal on the fire and enjoy the stars at night.

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Thanks to the "Marshrut" long been convinced that the rest should be active and always go where blue skies, clean air, delicious spring water and enchanting bird song. Hiking in the mountains went several times (pulling with irresistible force), but decided to try something new. This was my first experience o...
For several years I wanted to try this type of vacation, and was delighted when I learned that the guys repeatedly went Hiking finally launched in this direction. The Dniester river is very beautiful; it is very exciting every time to see new beauty around the next bend. Several lacked extreme — the river i...
Hi all. Finally fulfilled a longtime desire to go river rafting. Went by catamaran, quite comfortable, although initially it embarrassed me — I love kayaks. Luck with absolutely everything: heat was not, and had rain almost every day, but it absolutely does not hurt, and even added a special mood. A dream c...