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Review. Trekking in Georgia «Megrelia Lakes»

Anastasia Savina 

Translated from Russian


The organization is excellent-the description of the campaign everything is described in detail, plus a few days before the mail comes the information letter with the contacts of the instructor, helpful links and recommendations. Also created General chat in which you can get acquainted with the participants and ask additional questions, although personally I was not.


Freeze-dried vegetables and meat, as well as the decision to dispense with the cheese and sausage were of the greatest weight of products, their availability in the backpack had no effect. They ate very hearty and varied-pasta, buckwheat, oatmeal and soups every day. And our instructor was collecting along the way the mint and the blueberries and cooked delicious tea).

Instructor - Oleh Yadlush   

General opinion   

This is a very beautiful and interesting route. which is easy to pass if you follow the recommendations for preparation. Most of the route is on trails with loose stones, and you have to be very careful and watch your step that it is very difficult, because the views all around are fascinating: majestic mountains, immersed in the fog, lake, waterfalls, the fairy of the beech forest, which was able to admire only four days, because the route we went pretty quickly. Well, that "Route" there are other hikes in Georgia, and I already know where I will go next year:)

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

A picturesque trek through Megrelia, which begins in the subtropical forests of this marvelous region, will take you to the alpine meadows and show the picturesque lakes of Megrelia and the rocky peaks of the Egris Mountains.

Duration - 8 days

Level - medium