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Review. Trekking in Georgia "Tusheti and Khevsureti"

Mihail Vodolajskiiy 

Translated from Russian


Not the first time go Hiking with a trail club, organization, okay.


The food was your

Instructor - Stanislav Muzyria   

Stas is a great experienced instructor. Completed the campaign no problem. I hope it will turn out again to go with him to other scenic spots.

General opinion   

In the evening we met in Tbilisi, bought gas in the morning departure to Jute schedule. The weather left much to be desired, the sky was delayed all started to drizzle rain. Even before the campaign set up yourself mentally for what will be rain and be wet permanently. On the first day of tent set quickly. In the morning the pass was going, visibility 15-20 meters at most, the weather is always something cold and drizzling, the higher - the colder the wind. Pass Chanderi moved in a blind mode - beauty of the pass just wasn't seen as lakes. The next day the sky was too overcast, but we just did the move from Rosca to Mutso with a stop in Shatili. In the evening the sky opened up, and as said, the driver who drove us - then what the weather will be. And no mistake! The rest of the hike - 6 days, in exceptional weather conditions, the sky is blue and sometimes the clouds covered the sun, but did not nadogo. Under pass Atsunta a sleepover in the evening we also pulled in a thick fog - and a trip on the water from the camp seemed to be playing a location in Silent Hill that gave its charm. The next day, climbing on Acunto took the soul and closed the debt fotosemka, as on Chanderi to take a picture was nothing but thick fog. The rest of the day was a picturesque and wild valley of the river Alazani Perechitala one side of the border with Chechnya on the other neighboring wild valley of Tusheti. At the end of the campaign came in the village Dartlo, already spent the night in a decent apartment with a shower and the bathroom and even warm water. The last day of the hike walk up to Omalo, and from there transfer to the famous wine Alazani valley in Kakheti directly.

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Trekking in Tusheti and Khevsureti is a real mountain trek with high passes and stony paths, deep mountain gorges and fast rivers, authentic villages and hospitable locals.

Duration - 10 days

Level - medium/high