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Review. Trekking in Norway "Jotunheimen"

Sof'ya Novikova 

Translated from Russian


The organization was at the highest level. Everything is calculated: where to go, where to sleep, what to eat, where to go. The task is only to get the starting point, then it is possible not to worry :)


Food is fully consistent with the place: high in calories (often hot) food, which we reinforced in any weather. Soups, porridge, borscht, pasta. Everything was carefully thought out and prepared, even on the street the rain, even wind.

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Instructor better and wish it was impossible! To be honest, counting on duty in terms of cleaning / cooking, but Ivan has left us with no worries. Very tasty cooking, always comes to the rescue, perfectly knows the area and lots of funny stories!

General opinion   

We remained in the wild delight! Despite the sometimes bad weather conditions and impressed by the Norwegian mountains and lakes. The group was wonderful: cheerful and cohesive. Each other supported and encouraged.
The track is not simple, but it added even more emotion and desire to reach the end.
In General, thanks to the club for our journey! Safely think going best vacation of my life and hope that one day still happen to follow the trails with you!

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

This trekking in Norway is a shortened version of our trek through Norway, which allows you to visit the Jotunheimen National Park and visit the highest point of Norway - the peak of Galdhepigen. We are waiting for a lake of various modifications and amazing colors, huge waterfalls and grandiose fjords. This extraordinary northern country from the first days will bewitch us with its pristine beauty and local cordiality, so that by the end of the trip you will not want to leave.

Duration - 10 days

Level - high

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