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Review. Hiking in Cyprus «Aphrodite's island»

Nataliya Yarceva 

Translated from Russian


The organization I really liked. And more and more. A clear exhaust route, a fair distribution of the total weight. When you do not feel that something is wrong - this is an ideal organization, in my opinion. Alexander, thank you very much!


The food was delicious for a hike and it was a lot! And all that I need - fruit, soft drinks and sweets - can be bought in the shops along the way.

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Vanya is beautiful! Calm, unflappable, confident and reliable, it is possible not to worry - the perfect guide.

General opinion   

I had a wonderful vacation! Had seen beauty, nakupalis relish, was on foot, has long dreamed of. Cyprus was warm and flourishing, the animals are diverse and dangerous, the sea is full of fish and very pleasant. Good company, confident leader, a backpack, and miles of scenic places in front - what else you need for a perfect holiday!

Tour Information

Travel the most sunny island in Europe, on the shore of the sea depths which entered the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. We will visit the mountains of Cyprus and walk along him coast, visit the shady canyon Avakas and amazing Akamas peninsula. We are waiting buried in the greenery of the mountains and the turquoise water bays, exotic fruits, and not less exotic Cypriots. Hiking in Cyprus — it is a great chance to combine a rest at sea and mountain hike, passing familiar with the culture of this extraordinary country.

Duration - 11 days

Level - easy