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Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti»

Svanetia is loved and revered in Georgia, because its amazing architecture and original culture is famous throughout the world. The towers of Svaneti in the village of Ushguli are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the ancient churches of the country of proud Swan have preserved the heritage of hundreds of centuries of rich history of this region.

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Duration: 9 days
Distance: ~110 km
Start: Zugdidi
Finish: Mestia
Accommodation: tent and guest house
Effort level: medium

Route of trekking in Georgia

Zugdidi — Mazery — Base camp Ushby — Guli Pass (2960 meters) — Lake Koruldi — Mestia — Ieli — Tsvirmi — Adishi — Glacier Lardaad (Adip icefall) — Chhutnieri pass (2722 meters) — Zareso- Khalde — Pass Karetta (3,028 meters) — Inguri Valley — Glacier Shkhara — Ushguli — Mestia — Kobuletti