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Trekking in Georgia «Svaneti + sea»

Trekking in Georgia is an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and natural diversity of this incredible country, where you will definitely leave a part of yourself. The Georgian writer Ilya Chavchavadze advised: "If you love Georgia at all, go to Svaneti!"

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Duration: 10 days
Distance: ~110 km
Start: Zugdidi
Finish: Kobuletti
Accommodation: tent and guest house
Effort level: medium

Route of trekking in Georgia

Zugdidi — Mazery — Base camp Ushby — Guli Pass (2960 meters) — Lake Koruldi — Mestia — Ieli — Tsvirmi — Adishi — Glacier Lardaad (Adip icefall) — Chhutnieri pass (2722 meters) — Zareso- Khalde — Pass Karetta (3,028 meters) — Inguri Valley — Glacier Shkhara — Ushguli — Mestia — Kobuletti