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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Marmarosy (Hutsul Alps)»


Translated from Russian


The organizers worked to a very high standard, for which many thanks. All were warned and taken care of. Found, met, carried to the place of gathering. From wishes a little early (for a day or two before the hike) to create a common group in Viber.


The food is great. Hearty, delicious. Add to wishes even nothing. On the contrary, something that is noticed and came into use in the "civilian" life.

Instructor - Anatoliy Kozachenko   

Can bring only positive epithets. Much. Professional work. As with the route and with the team members and culinary expert) and the Rest in the General opinion.

General opinion   

In the period from 1.07 at 06.07.2018 took a wonderful hike on Marmaroska ridge, which is the border of two countries: Ukraine and Romania. Campaign organizer Marshrut Travel Club. It is the Ukrainian club, as shown, experienced and caring for its participants.
The route was called "Hutsul Alps" or "Two Pop Ivan." Really, the key points were of the Pope Ivan mountain Marmarosky and Pop Ivan Montenegro. The last is not the highest, but perhaps the most beautiful mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathians. But on the mountains you can talk endlessly, but the best is not words or pictures that and 10% can't tell what you see. Better to go there. And see. To see you traverse the surrounding sea of peaks without a hint of civilization, in which you sink and can't find myself. It and the remnants of glaciers and mountain lakes, and fields of rhododendrons. It and blueberries in camp and a fire, and spring creeks with waterfalls, rocks growing from the earth, and Enchanted forests in which and waiting to meet unicorns (although often meet Hutsul sheep, cows and horses... and coming down from the very top).
And of course they are wonderful people in the team who will give you a hand up or when overcoming the river or it will be a sandwich with great bacon Ukrainian (Hutsul cheese), push to the summit or the Council in the near future. And, having met these people by chance, after staying with them all week, you know that they remain with you for life.
So what happened in this campaign. We were with an instructor four. Moreover, the Belarusian group: Brest, Grodno, Bobruisk. The others, probably scared of the prognosis. But the determination to walk in the rain with faith in a raincoat, impregnation and Cape for the backpack justified. Weather has not stinted on all their colors. And thanks to the conductor Anatoly, who shared their sincere love to the Carpathians, and we tried to reveal them. He turned. It was the most impressive 90 km, and ended with sauna and tourist oatmeal with sunflower seeds, raisins and condensed milk.

PS Links to photos uploaded to the group chat in Viber

Tour Information

Unusual hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, where the ridges are steep, rocky peaks and a large part of the route runs along the border between Ukraine and Romania. Marmarosy not for nothing called the Hutsul Alps, they are very different from the usual Carpathian peaks and do not cease to amaze with their spectacular views, and the status of the border for a long time doing this part of the Carpathians is closed to the public.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

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