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Hike to the Carpathians "Watershed Range"

Trekking along the Watershed Ridge, which connects the Transcarpathian and Lviv regions. Beautiful mountain landscapes, dense deciduous forests, drowning in blueberry and lingonberry bushes, mountain polonins and the highest mountain of the Lviv region - Pikuy.

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Duration: 4 days
Distance: ~55 km
Start: Uzhhorod before 10:00
Finish: Volovets after 15:00
Accommodation: tent
Effort level: easy/medium


Uzhhorod - mountain Drohobycky stone (1170 meters) - mountain Starostin (1215 meters) - Pass Rus'kyi Path (1190 meters) - Mount Velikiy Top (1300 meters) - Mount Pikui (1408 meters) - Volovets