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Review. Hiking in Crimea «Chatyrdag, Demerdzhi and Novyy Svet»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Iryna Rymarenko   

General opinion   

Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip in such great company! )))) Personally I have a lot of vivid impressions and a great desire to go with you somewhere else. It was very fun, but very mentally! We visited great places, rose above the clouds and descended to the sea. And all this in such a short period of time — as if he lived a little but very interesting and eventful life. In my opinion — everything was just great, even to go home not wanted!

I Express my deep gratitude to our instructors: Irina — for the faith in our strength, optimism, moral support; Dmitry — that spared us on the steep climbs, with the sparkling sense of humor; Michael, for the timely assistance along the route and stories about the places we visited. Well, of course, a huge thank you to all the participants for such a wonderful family atmosphere! I would hope that we go not in one trip.)))

Tour Information

This route it’s most popular hiking tour in Crimea. In this hiking tour you will see many landmarks of Crimea: two very popular caves (Marble cave and Emine-Bayir-Khosar cave), two mountain massif (Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi), Ghosts Valley, picturesque vertex Demerdzhi South, natural boundary Dzhurla, largest Crimean waterfall (Dzhur- Dzhur) and other.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium