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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Montenegrin ridge»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Iryna Rymarenko   

General opinion   

Once, in high school, mom sent me to sports camp in the mountains where we went Hiking of varying difficulty and duration. Beautiful mountain scenery deeply imprinted themselves on my soul, and the desire to re-experience the charm of a mountain hike became my dream that finally came true — the September hike on Montenegrin ridge was vivid and memorable.

In part this has contributed to weather bringing us a surprise and added the extreme. Cloudiness on the third day prevented the passage of the planned route, the wind literally blew us off the ridge together with backpacks, sometimes it was uncomfortable and remembered some bad words to the weather. It was decided to go down and go on another trail.

We have completely wet sneakers sloshing in the water, the fingers bent against the cold, and even the shoelaces are constantly untied, but I was absolutely happy!!! Because I was surrounded by beautiful and rough nature, I passed the test of wind, rain, puddle leaking in the tent and other delights of the trip:)

In my view the route on the Montenegrin ridge simple (novice user), but very interesting and varied (even the part that we had to go to weather changes). But, nevertheless, the preparation needed is quite good. Following the recommendations on the website of the "Route", my husband a month before the campaign started the habit to run and ride bikes every day. It really helped later.

Special thanks to our instructors, Alexander and Irina. This is great, responsive, attentive, kind, knowledgeable and love their work. With them was very interesting. I want to go camping with them.

And another warning for the sensitive: the end of the hike can be quite painful (psychologically), therefore it is necessary to prepare yourself for the fact that these few beautiful days ever end, and console myself with the thought that you will go into the new campaign. Live and enjoy every minute of it.

Tour Information

On this trip includes all dvuhtysyaniki Carpathians and the highest mountain of Ukraine — Hoverla. Due to strong winds, which are hosted on the Montenegrin mountain range most of the year, its upper part is covered with trees, making it the highest mountain range of species of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You will find highest building, highest lake and a lot of very, very.

Duration - 6 days

Level - medium

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