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Review. Trekking in Carpathians «Eastern Gorgany + Carpathian waterfalls»


Translated from Russian



Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

General opinion   

Good day, friends!:)
I want to Express my appreciation for the wonderful, brilliant hike in the Carpathian mountains with instructor Alexander!:)
I loved the hike with the Hiking club "Route" and I for next year I hope to go back with this club and it is with Sasha (though after going sure in your club and the other instructors are good)!:) I am a beginner, and even for me the campaign was not as daunting as it seemed when reading the plan of campaign, but the feeling of overcoming, as it turned out, in practice, attended! The view from the mountains is indescribably beautiful and exciting! Carpathians charm with its silent peace and beauty, your gifts, bilberries, cranberries, blueberries, mushrooms! Once we were in the cloud, while on the meadows, grazing horses, and I thought that see the horse from the cartoon "Hedgehog in the fog"!:) A self-made bells on the necks of the cows, sounding each in their own way, wonderfully in harmony with each other and nature... And washed in the springs,I suddenly noticed that the face and hands feel like a baby... the Feeling of sparkling purity incredible! And the air! The air then what!:)
The instructor unobtrusively, gives reasonable freedom — and that at the right moments gives timely advice and helps, or word, or deed — need a context (I'm a beginner:). Preparing for a hike on the website described exactly as is. Helped me a lot of squats, which I started doing about two weeks before the hike — to the end of the first day my feet did not hurt. Ill just cheeks... laughing — the instructor was very easy in communication, well-read and has a fantastic sense of humor young man:) He skillfully and quickly did everything: in a short time managed to set up a tent, build a campfire, cook dinner, make tea, wash dishes, answer questions, tell you about a book etc:)
After the hike we visited Lviv and Kyiv. And I want to say that Ukraine has made a huge impression on me! Melodious, mellifluous language, good, helpful people, beautiful virgin — eye-catching, fashionable, and nevertheless eye-catching for its uniqueness, young people, beautiful mountains, inviting city! Gorgeous arts and crafts — embroidery, weaving, products of black clay etc., etc.!
Friends! Very highly recommend to go on a hike with the club, "Route" and a trip to Ukraine in General!

Tour Information

Fascinating trekking in Carpathians, which integrates two popular routes — Eastern Gorgany and Carpathian waterfalls. Eastern Gorgany will introduce you to Gorgan mountain massif and its singularity — stone placers. Carpathians waterfalls will show you picturesque waterfalls of Carpathians. For six days you will make a small Carpathian trip and will love Carpathians.

Duration - 6 days

Level - easy/medium