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Review. Hiking in Turkey "West Lycia"

Yuriiy Volovik 

Translated from Russian


Travel in Marshrut Club is as close to automation: a personal account of the telegrams group, logistics travel, all 101%! Not a moment wasted - saturated and clearly!!


Food should be nutritious, and in the campaign it is important to even minimally loaded participants overweight. In our case, everything was balanced and the most useful, what impressed my demanding wife. And some dishes even moved into our everyday life.

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

No comment. The next trip only with Alexander!!

General opinion   

Having the experience of numerous trips in the Carpathians at some point there was a keen desire to diversify the map of the routes to a new batch of impressions, but not in a familiar environment, where almost everything familiar, and abroad. As a first experience, was selected Turkey - known to his friends Lycian way. I wanted to know hyped for beach holidays the country is a bit of a different perspective. Besides, given the low complexity of the route, the opportunity to introduce to the world of travelling and wife, by seducing her beautiful sea coves, the warm autumn sea and new acquaintances with people passionate about tourism. For this reason, the chosen was just West Licia as the most simple. The first challenge that we faced - the choice of tourist club. Reducing the selection to three companies that have stop on Marshrut Club - all came dates, bribed operative communication with the organizers, a detailed description of the route and instructions to the preparation, and, of course, information about the instructors, which instills confidence and advance introduces the atmosphere of travel. Take a tour, and showing off to friends, we found out that our friends also traveling with Marshrutka, but in a more serious hike in Nepal that reassured us completely. Whether justified our hopes for a fun, diverse, moderately heavy, and at the same time each day rewarding route? - Definitely, Yes! No photos or video can not convey a hundredth part of the beauty that was shown by Turkey. To call the route an easy walk along the sea, I can't - there were steep descents and challenging ascents, sometimes fatigue rolls, but always there was our guide, Alexander, who succeeded not only to help practical advice in difficult moments, but also to organize our unorganized group into a single cohesive body, together overcoming obstacles together and resting after each day's March. Ten days passed quickly, leaving a pleasant aftertaste and hopes to travel with Marshrut Club.

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Hike through the western part of the popular Lycian trail, where a huge number of ancient artifacts and remains of ancient cities are concentrated. The mountainous part of the route will be complemented by beaches and swimming in the gentle Mediterranean.

Duration - 9 days

Level - easy/medium

Nearest hikes:
3–11 October 2020