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Review. Hiking in Madeira «Secrets of Madeira»

Ol'ga Koval'ova 

Translation from Ukrainian


I can think about the organization? Nothing))) do not need to Think because everything is planned for you. Alexander everything is so clearly and coherently calculated that participants were required only in a good mood, a comfortable outfit and a desire to do the trek with adventure. The route is designed to get you acquainted more with the country.


You know that matters in the campaign? Weather? Ascents-descents, the scenery, the distance traveled? Friendly company? All! And it all becomes brighter and more exciting when the well-organized food on the route. I like to go with "Route club" for all we know, our instructor Alexander once wanted to be a chef))) high Quality, tasty , healthy food, which is always enough. Alexander skillfully composes dishes to keep food fun. Every time I dream a little to lose weight in the campaign. And if not for tens of kilometers, I would never have succeeded. I love spaghetti with tuna, soup for dinner, cheese for snacking. Balanced, healthy food. And restaurants on the route has added speed to our pace. Familiarity with local cuisine and wine makes the campaign colorful))) And. We never cooked, washed dishes. For me, as a woman, it was very important. Full relax, when you relax after a busy day , and you cook dinner)))

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

A few words about the instructor? Alexander can sing odes))) Reliable, steady, calm (even when you have almost hysterical from the distance traveled). Always he still thought - organization, landscapes, time. Noticeable when Hiking invested soul. I go with Alexander for the third time. In my experience it is second to none. Separatelya his phrase "My aim is to provide you not only with the country, but also to learn to move alone". I have received advice from the purchase of tickets before boarding the plane at the finish. Thanks Alexander I will know the country. And yet, with him interesting on the route. You can ask about the country where you travel. And you will get a response. My horizons expanded considerably when he learned about fish and chestnuts)))

General opinion   

"the Route the club" is my choice. During the campaign, you become a family - fun, friendly. Trips bring together different people who love to travel. It's interesting, panavue, exciting.
Madeira is an amazing island where you want to go back. Incredible scenery, lots of climbs-descents, a well-equipped trails, comfortable weather. Delicious food, exotic fruits. The ocean swimming in it!!! A to March did not know that there is such an island. How do you say the phrase after the return of "I was Hiking in Madeira!"?

Tour Information

A hike through the blossoming Madeira, which introduces an evergreen island with unique flora and fauna. On Madeira, you are waited by relict forests (protected by UNESCO) and volcanic beaches, mountain peaks and emerald mountain slopes drowning in clouds.

Duration - 10 days

Level - medium

Nearest hikes:
22–31 October 2020