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Review. Hiking in Madeira «Secrets of Madeira»

Yuliya Nesterenko 

Translated from Russian


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Ate a lot and often. More and more frequently than is required for the normal functioning of the body. Personal gratitude for deliverance from having to eat oatmeal for Breakfast and a special thank you for the cheese while walking on the Levada do Norte.

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

Alexander again exceeded all expectations. And consistency, as you know, a sign of quality.

General opinion   

Due to the small height of the mountains on the route traverse quite a lot of panoramic trails with a good view. They are all quite comfortable, without dangerous or difficult areas. Very beautiful sunrises and sunsets (the best was in the Parking lot near Pico Ruivo do Paul). We were very lucky with the weather, visibility almost all the time was fine. Settle for all radial, it's worth it.

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

A hike through the blossoming Madeira, which introduces an evergreen island with unique flora and fauna. On Madeira, you are waited by relict forests (protected by UNESCO) and volcanic beaches, mountain peaks and emerald mountain slopes drowning in clouds.

Duration - 8 days

Level - easy/medium