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Review. Autotour across Iceland «Iceland by car»

Alekseiy Baranov 

Translated from Russian


The organization at the highest level. Given the fact that our Luggage did not arrive and we had to stay in the camp, the instructor in place of the reconstructed plan of the route and we always managed. Before traveling all the necessary information and useful tips for Luggage, equipment etc. provided and during the trip was not without any glitches program


Nutrition is excellent, balanced and complete. PySy: don't buy or eat on the spot, the meat of the Arctic shark!!!))))

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

Great. The skill of high level, focused on the ground. Provide tourists with all necessary assistance, and on the way told us about local attractions and their history. Could help group members to fill up the missing equipment. Watched as members of the group and was able organizovati journey so that people and more watched, and not much tired.

General opinion   

Loved it, thank you so much for the journey, and I hope that more meet on new routes!!!

Tour Information

A car tour of Iceland is a great opportunity for 8 days to get acquainted with this amazing country and the largest island of volcanic origin. You are waiting for impatient geysers and noisy waterfalls, endless glaciers and sleeping volcanoes, seals and huge whales, cute dead ends and much more interesting.

Duration - 8 days

Level - easy