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Review. Trekking around Annapurna "Annapurna Circuit + Tilicho Lake"

Liudmyla Mikulina 

Translation from Ukrainian


For me it was not the first hike in the mountains with www.marshrut-club.com but first trekking at altitude in the 5000M and 5416м. It was very scary that the body can not withstand and at some point will have to return back. However, thanks to the fitness instructors I managed to pass the route and to visit at the height of 5416м.
I am very pleased that went this route. It was difficult, exhausting, but incredibly beautiful. The thrill of being at an altitude of over 5000M it is difficult to describe.
I recommend trekking around Annapurna + lake Telco and suggest to go with www.marshrut-club.com.
The organizers are able to plan a campaign, you know where and when to book jeeps, lodges, hotels, recommend what to do in your free time.


In the loggias are well cooked, the choices are quite large. I really liked the rice with vegetables and egg, potatoes and vegetables, egg, garlic soup, pastries. However, don't get a pancake, because it's a very tasty dish. The Nepalese have a rather strange understanding of the pancake ?, they cook it from fresh dough and very thick (about 3 cm thick and with a diameter of about 20 cm). Regarding the "meal, golbat", to me this dish is not very spicy, except for the burning sensation in my throat don't feel anything anymore. Although the guys was eating "golbat" almost every day ? . Dishes like "Momo" and "Thukpa" you can try, they are less sharp and have the ability to discern any other flavors except pepper ?.

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

Our instructor Sasha frost. Knows the route, knows the history of the region. Always ready to share with the group interesting stories, anecdotes. Will gladly recommend where you can go in your free time, what and where to buy Souvenirs.

General opinion   

On the track:
The height really affects the first day I felt a very strong shortness of breath, a little dizzy, but the next day felt better, the dizziness was gone, leaving only the shortness of breath.
The next difficult time was when we had access to the "Ice lake", the day we gained 1200 feet, and my last 100 meters was very exhausting. Over the last 100 meters I realized how it is when your body lacks oxygen (your head is pounding with each step the pain is getting worse, begins to feel sick), at some point, were ready to return back to Kathmandu. However, seeing my group, I realized that this is the last 100 meters today, and then only drop down, this helped to cope with the pain and walk to the "Ice lake". After the descent became easier, however, headache was still so I agreed to take the pills to help speed up acclimatization. The pills worked, because the climb to the lake Telco (5000M) and the crossing of the pass Thorng-La (5416) were pretty easy.
Twice we began the ascent at night so were able to greet the dawn in the mountains. One of these days I'm lucky to see the starry sky at an altitude of over 4900 was very beautiful, incredibly quiet and cool and a little creepy, so I. the month hid behind the mountains around me, darkness is the only source of light is a flashlight and the stars in the sky (remember the movie "the hills have eyes" ?).

As for equipment, what is stated on the website www.marshrut-club.com really need. Trekking pole, a sponge, gloves, goggles, sunscreen, etc. - must have. From my experience I advise you to not take just warm mittens and a down and in addition wool socks, because the pass is very cold, and when frozen hands and toes, go is not possible. Also recommended to protect the knee to take knee pads (regular sport knee pads neoprene
5 mm). I wore them every day during ascent, and sometimes on the descents. They are great warmed her knees, so there were no injuries and overexertion.
The Himalayas are very beautiful mountains, they should see. I have a lot of positive emotions and photos. I want to see these mountains.

Tour Information

The trekking around Annapurna is one of the most picturesque and busy routes of Nepal, during which time we will pass several climatic zones and will rise above 5,400 meters. It will not be easy, but all the efforts expended compensate for the extraordinary Himalayas - the highest mountains in the World.

Duration - 15 days

Level - high

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