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Trekking in the Alps "Dolomites Alps"

Trekking through the Dolomites is definitely one of the most picturesque routes in Europe, where turquoise lakes, quaint rocky peaks and colorful coniferous forests await you. Dolomites are beautiful at any time of the year, but in autumn they have a special charm.

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13–20 September 2020Few places
€549 €467
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20–27 September 2020Have places
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Katerina Zorіna
Hiking in the Dolomites is very nice, incredibly beautiful and fascinating types) the route is not simple and requires physical training, but believe me, it's worth it) All of them fully kompensiruet divine types) Sometimes it's hard to believe that this is all real. But it's true) Trekking in the Dolomites o...
3 pcs
Anastasiya Markus
Thank you very much for the excellent organization! Thanks to the instructor Stas, his patience, and responsibility, ability to solve any organizational issues! Thank you to all participants for great company! Well, special thanks to the Dolomites for their neperedavaemye beauty and hospitality! Thank you ve...
Alena Tkachuk
Really liked my first trip :) amazing nature, breathtaking views and great company :) I can only advise to prepare seriously for the trip and good to post new shoes :) Meals on the route was tasty, nutritious and varied :) I don't eat meat, and instuctor (thanks to them) was fed to me without it :) Sasha and...
Yuliya Vasyutenko
A hundred times I repeat: do not go to the mountains for service and fun, go to the mountains for the mountains. And then you'll be fine with the expectation and the reality. Do not stay hungry and lose weight will not work. Remember the jokes and the song cry me a river. That confirms a good sense of h...
Vitaliiy Sheludchenkov