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Review. Trekking in the Alps "Dolomites Alps"

Katerina Zorіna 

Translated from Russian


The route is planned so that each night was either at the campsite or at the tourist shelter. The track is very species, it is possible to make cool pictures and enjoy the incredibly beautiful views of the Dolomites.


In the campaign took their food, but judging by the way was eating food other participants, I think that it was delicious :)

Instructor - Oleksandr Moroz   

Instructors in the campaign was two - Sasha and Stas. Sasha was with the main part of the group and controlled so that nobody is lost. Stas was encouraged and helped participants who were at the end of the group)

General opinion   

Hiking in the Dolomites is very nice, incredibly beautiful and fascinating types) the route is not simple and requires physical training, but believe me, it's worth it) All of them fully kompensiruet divine types) Sometimes it's hard to believe that this is all real. But it's true) Trekking in the Dolomites one of the most exciting events in my life) And that's a fact!

Photos from the hike

Tour Information

Trekking through the Dolomites is definitely one of the most picturesque routes in Europe, where turquoise lakes, quaint rocky peaks and colorful coniferous forests await you. Dolomites are beautiful at any time of the year, but in autumn they have a special charm.

Duration - 8 days

Level - medium