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Review. Hiking in Carpathians «Petros + Hoverla»

Veronika Saltan 

Translated from Russian


The organization was good. Secured a place in the tent, agreed orenda sleeping bags, organized transfer to the starting point of the route and back.


The food was varied. Quality products and light weight, which is divided into all participants. A pleasant surprise of steel bars for each meal. Everything was delicious.

Instructor - Yaroslav Koval'   

The instructor we had Yaroslav is a very cool dude. Well-versed in the mountains and focused on the pace of the participants. And just an interesting man, enjoyed listening to his stories.

General opinion   

Loved it, the sea of positive emotions. And despite a tough climb even for a second did not regret about this tour. Fascinating landscapes, crowds of sheep to the music of the chimes, a magical forest and two beautiful tops. I'm in love with the Carpathians. And will return there again)

Tour Information

This hike in the Carpathians affects two of the most iconic peaks of the Montenegrin ridge - Hoverla and Petros. This trip to the Carpathian Mountains Carpathian acquainted with the life of shepherds, allow to touch the clouds and visit at the height of the bird's flight. In good weather from the top of Petros and Goverla offers spectacular panoramic views at your feet are Zakarpattya and Carpathians, and somewhere far away will be seen the mountains of Romania.

Duration - 3 days

Level - medium

Nearest hikes:
26–28 July 2024
6–8 September 2024