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Hiking in Iceland «Walk on Mars lite»

This hiking in Iceland — a shortened version of our incredibly tour "Walk on Mars". Hiking in Iceland will introduce you to the amazing mountains of Iceland, will hold over the vast sandy plains of volcanic origin, will the powerful waterfalls and allow to climb on one of the world's youngest peaks. You will walk on the dark ocean beaches, see puffins close funny and get to know the most popular sightseeing route in Iceland - Golden Ring. Stop we will be camping, where it is possible to take a shower and take advantage of other benefits of civilization, so that our campaign will be brightened comfort:)

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Mariya Moskalyova
Impressions of Iceland are impossible to describe in a nutshell, it is a storm of emotions... Iceland is incomparable with any other country. It was love at first sight. Want to go back there again, maybe not once... Delicious, hearty, hungry certainly was not)) Maybe I would like more variety and snacks to a...
1 pcs
Marіya Matvіiychuk
Hiking in Iceland - it was incredible. Dreamlike, or even alien landscapes, everywhere grazing Icelandic horses and sheep that come out to hot springs the route crosses the river. Pleased campsites with free hot showers and a relatively small number of tourists on the trails that allowed me to see the vastnes...
2 pcs
Alekseiy Prokof'ev
The organisers!!!!-give it into the hands of the Novel and be a good judge!) Food did not like. It was not enough. Compared to the Couloir-the food is very bad.It is not to prepare. Instructor fellows of the axe could have bungled mess!), but the procurement of food by the organizers-a beggar. Instructor-SUPE...
Natal'ya Rodkina
Now, after six months, I would say that everything is just fine! For me it was a unique experience to overcome, and it worked. Most importantly it is good to prepare for the trip to Iceland, mentally and physically. To listen to the advice of the organizers, to study, where to go, what to take, how to prepa...