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Review. Mountain trek to the Carpathians "Montenegrin Range express"

Igor' Pikushiiy 

Translated from Russian


I enjoyed it.


All participants in the power to please, it must be hard but all the products are quite edible and of good quality. As it so happened, that sausages, in the end, proved more than bread)))

Instructor - Mihaiylo Rosіns'kiiy   

Michael G. thank you again.

General opinion   

Interesting route with a gradual increase in load. Every day discovering something new (mountains, waterfalls, lakes, breathtaking landscapes). A lot of useful information. Suitable for beginners, the main thing to take into account all the recommendations in preparation for the campaign.

Tour Information

This is an abridged version of the popular route Montenegrin Ridge, which in just 4 days will introduce you to most of the sights of the highest mountain range in Ukraine, which absorbed the highest building (the White Elephant Observatory), and the highest lake (Brebeneskul), and of course The highest mountain is Hoverla. We went to the Carpathians, they are very colorful!

Duration - 4 days

Level - medium

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23–26 July 2020
6–9 August 2020
22–25 August 2020
3–6 September 2020