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Review. Trekking in Norway "Trolltunga"

Aleksandr Hohlyuk 

Translated from Russian


Not without drawbacks. I would like to clearly understand the time and place of the meeting. In our case there were too many options to choose from that have led to misunderstanding.


It is quite adequate. Not hungry.

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Very good. Calm, peaceful, pleasant.

General opinion   

Good, not too challenging hike. For beginners would recommend to prepare well physically to go with the stock and had forces on experience.
Also can get quite cold. In our case, one night (mid-August) on the tents fell frost.
The 2nd and 3rd days are not particularly popular among tourists, so people on the route a little, and nature much.

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback. Your recommendations will take into account.

Tour Information

This trip through Norway will acquaint you with the amazing nature of Scandinavia and Norway's most famous landmark - the Troll tongue, the pictures of which can be considered a visiting card of Norway. This small tour does not involve extreme loads, because in the mountains we will only be a couple of days. But the amazing nature of Norway over the next couple of days will captivate you, so you will definitely want to get to know this northern country.

Duration - 4 days

Level - medium