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Review. Trekking in Norway "Trolltunga"

Ryasnyanskaya Anna-Mariya 

Translated from Russian


meh...could be better...


initially the menu with us did not coordinate, but in General, assuming that the wild conditions +-3...too much bread...too much sugar...had no vegetables, cereals and healthy products...+was soup)))

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

nothing can not say, it is clear that this work appealed to him, and he's a professional...

General opinion   

The General opinion is not negative...If you want to spend a lot of money without zero amenities, if you want to constantly cold (and the weather in Norway is bad as in the North...constantly cold and damp) if you want to get up very early there is no time to Wake up and fees why something needs to be done at a fast pace...if you want Breakfast (!) pasta is not clear how and it is not clear where, under the constant talking of obscure people, expect the hour of tea (!) due to the fact that naverhu the water is boiling PTS slowly, about the normal hygienic procedures, I generally keep quiet, nothing anywhere else is not provided for this...but the main negative is the campaign itself...sheer hell....go up and it is not clear when it will end...despite the fact that the first 4 km. hike on the paved road you can go by car!!!! for the convenience...but the instructor was proglacial this opportunity...after lifting no pictures do not like...very high, cold, damp, raining and it was awful...Being naverhu only desire to hurry to be home...so the bottom line is: never, ever, under any circumstances, not to repeat such negative experiences...

Response of administration

Thanks for the feedback. Judging by its content, you did not read the description of the route and ignored all of our recommendations. We are very sorry that you did not like the trip, but perhaps you simply do not fit this kind of active rest. Will try more aggressively to convey to new members that the route is of average difficulty requires physical and mental preparation.

Tour Information

This trip through Norway will acquaint you with the amazing nature of Scandinavia and Norway's most famous landmark - the Troll tongue, the pictures of which can be considered a visiting card of Norway. This small tour does not involve extreme loads, because in the mountains we will only be a couple of days. But the amazing nature of Norway over the next couple of days will captivate you, so you will definitely want to get to know this northern country.

Duration - 4 days

Level - medium