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Review. Trekking du Mont Blanc «TMB»

Ol'ga Koval'ova 

Translation from Ukrainian


This is my third trip to "Route club". And again I am in awe of how Alexander worked. Before going asked a lot of questions about the equipment and the road - assistance was given at once. The route is organized so that it was possible to check his physical condition, and enjoy the scenery and enjoy. All the campsites we joyfully welcomed (our guide has always knew and was happy about it). Campsites on the route is something special (in Ukraine, probably, it would be considered 3-star hotels).


Food and cooking was, as always, at height. The conductor Stas always been able to surprise us. Delicious oatmeal with lots of dried fruits, nuts and condensed milk; spaghetti with tuna and Emmental cheese; soup with meat, a lot of chocolate - and this, not to mention French wine, local cheeses and ice cream for dessert. I thought they were good in the campaign in Turkey. It turns out that in the Alps even more implausible.

Instructor - Stanislav Muzyria   

Our guide Stanislav Muzira - reliable, calm, interesting narrator. And just a great guy. With him quietly - still a lifesaver in a ski resort. Loves his job and it shows. Thank you, Stas, that freed us, girls from the kitchen (I'm still rested from female duties). Cool that Stas are sincerely advised to see the route and gave us a mini-tour in Chamonix . Sorry, Stas, I went to White lake (seen how upset you).

General opinion   

Passed about 120 km France - Italy - Switzerland. Feel full of energy, no fatigue. And already thinking where to go next time with the Route.

Tour Information

Trekking around Mont Blanc - this is an incredible journey back home mountaineering, where we will visit France, Italy and Switzerland. We visited several climatic zones and overcome several passes, we will see near the huge glaciers and vast alpine meadows, turquoise mountain lakes and deep mountain valleys. We get acquainted with the cuisine and customs of the three countries, which, although they are in the neighborhood, but each is distinguished by its originality and flavor.

Duration - 9 days

Level - medium