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Review. Trekking du Mont Blanc «TMB»

Al'ya Jarkova 

Translated from Russian



Instructor - Stanislav Muzyria   

Stanislav is a man of few words but from his control, nothing escapes. With him securely. In any situation make the right decisions.

General opinion   

It's been nearly 4 months since I visited the beautiful Alps! Settled emotions. But I want to share impressions and most importantly - to thank the participants of the trek, the organizers and special thanks and gratitude to the instructor Stanislav! Stas has proved itself as an experienced lifeguard. But more on that later...
Trek around Mont Blanc is my second Hiking experience in the mountains. The first was around the Annapurna. But did not have experience carrying a backpack with all the equipment (in the Himalayas, the Sherpas had carried the main burden) and overnight stays in the tent (in the Himalayas, lodges, guesthouses). Thanks to the recommendations of Stas, how to secure backpack, wearing a full backpack is not provided inconvenience. And after the enjoyment, the beauty of the Alps, transitions 10-12 km with ascents, descents and passes seem difficult. And after the transitions was waiting for us beautiful campsites! Hot water shower houses with a fireplace where you can relax. And delicious dinners! Especially the soup! And overnight in the tent was no longer an inconvenience, but a nice addition to the campaign. Before sleep still remembered the chimes in the mountains from the bells of cows grazing in the meadows, flocks of sheep on mountain meadows in Italy (a story from the Bible reminded), village houses, buried in flowers. And in Italy there was a sauna! And hospitable hostess of the campsite in the morning were treated to croissants. Everything was perfect! But even in such a simple hike can happen every.... This is where an experienced instructor! And I was lucky that they were Stas.
My body is difficult to tolerate any lift - even not in the mountains. But during the descent he rejoices! Is tired, and I can still walk long distances. During the descent I have the feeling of flying! And in this euphoria I sprained my ankle and sat on it. Thanks to the skillful actions of Stanislav, my fracture was without displacement and complications. But in the hospital to communicate with doctors (it was Switzerland) helped my friends on a hike. I left one in the hospital, until he was sure that I helped. And with the insurance company to contact me failed, thanks to the knowledge my friends. Thank you very much! Leg has been healed, the plaster was removed. And experience the unforgettable trekking! Now the joke is the insurance company checked the new bone to grow - new campaigns!
PS In may, we are going to Svaneti! If Stanislav would take - I looked, it was the instructor.

Tour Information

Trekking around Mont Blanc - this is an incredible journey back home mountaineering, where we will visit France, Italy and Switzerland. We visited several climatic zones and overcome several passes, we will see near the huge glaciers and vast alpine meadows, turquoise mountain lakes and deep mountain valleys. We get acquainted with the cuisine and customs of the three countries, which, although they are in the neighborhood, but each is distinguished by its originality and flavor.

Duration - 9 days

Level - medium

Nearest hikes:
11–19 August 2020
20–28 August 2020
10–18 September 2020
15–23 June 2021