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Review. Hiking in Cyprus «Aphrodite's island»

Dmitriiy Novikov 

Translated from Russian


An ideal hike to explore Cyprus. Clean and cosy towns and villages , the magnificent Troodos mountains, simply stunning Cove and beach of Lara, cute Cyprus cats....All this must see with your own eyes! Here everyone will find what they are interested in - religion, nature, architecture...a Great choice for those who want to spend intense vacation in another country.


Well, what the basis of the diet was local food. Our instructor Ivan is a very good cook and as a caring parent, have always been concerned about the fullness of our stomach)

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Special thanks to Ivan for his flexibility and desire to see something new. The main part of the hike we were ahead and so the remaining reserve days visited Northern Cyprus, Nicosia and ay-Anapa beautiful Cape Greko! We can say that we explored the entire island!

General opinion   

I want to recommend the tour for all mobile, receptive to the newness and not tied to a hotel bed for tourists. I am very pleased with the campaign!

Tour Information

Travel the most sunny island in Europe, on the shore of the sea depths which entered the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. We will visit the mountains of Cyprus and walk along him coast, visit the shady canyon Avakas and amazing Akamas peninsula. We are waiting buried in the greenery of the mountains and the turquoise water bays, exotic fruits, and not less exotic Cypriots. Hiking in Cyprus — it is a great chance to combine a rest at sea and mountain hike, passing familiar with the culture of this extraordinary country.

Duration - 11 days

Level - easy