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Review. Hiking in Cyprus «Aphrodite's island»

Taisiya Kozeryuk 

Translated from Russian


Everything is thought out. The route is not annoying, and impressions are on the rise. Easy, emotionally, brightly


I had raw food, so can't say about Vanya's kitchen, but I saw what ate the other. I think it's good. Always on time hot without deviations.

Instructor - Ivan Kozachenko   

Vanya professional. Calm, balanced and attentive. Always listened to our requests. With him securely and serenely. Showed everything that was planned and even more. Thank you

General opinion   

This is not the first campaign in my Luggage tourists, so there is nothing to compare. For myself I know that the first lapped to a backpack, people to the trail. And load go down gradually.
In this campaign I liked that the route given. The first day we took a bus and drove up into the Troodos mountains, and then down and grind. Then of course, there were UPS and transitions, but they were moving easier.
But the most important is the meeting with the beautiful. These kinds of panoramas, and the smell is indescribable and inexpressible. We saw so much beauty. Vanya showed us all the maximum.
We realized this in the canyon Avakas where tourists on jeep tour guides had just 100 m, then quickly took back. And only our group, led by professional Ivan, took all of 5 km of the canyon and saw extraordinary beauty. We only had time to flip the cameras and shout, it's beautiful. Vanya we are not in a hurry. We do all the time. And go put leg of the journey, and see everything around you, and eat 3 times a day (maybe more), and to capture the memory of what he saw, and the camp organized, and in the sea to swim and to read books (it was so).
So heartily say thank you, first and foremost, Ivan, who drove, showed, told, fed, watered, protected. The whole club "Route" for their work, bringing joy to people.
With you expanding the boundaries. Good luck and prosperity. Taisia.

Tour Information

Travel the most sunny island in Europe, on the shore of the sea depths which entered the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. We will visit the mountains of Cyprus and walk along him coast, visit the shady canyon Avakas and amazing Akamas peninsula. We are waiting buried in the greenery of the mountains and the turquoise water bays, exotic fruits, and not less exotic Cypriots. Hiking in Cyprus — it is a great chance to combine a rest at sea and mountain hike, passing familiar with the culture of this extraordinary country.

Duration - 11 days

Level - easy